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  1. Like iv said before, you can back up your DD saved files but it requires you to back up your whole system, just go to system scroll down till you see restore system click it and then click back up as long as you have a big enough external it will copy everything over including your DD files, only bad thing is you can't restore a different system with this backup. That's why I left for pc, witch I'd recommend everyone doing, 3 days on pc and iv got stats that no one could ever touch on console.
  2. Move to pc and play the game it was meant to be played. Holyhits out.
  3. Lmfao you guys are still waiting for sky city, so happy I moved to pc. Holyhits out.
  4. I think there being coming out next year holiday season I was hearing rumors that Sony had a early release planned since Xbox smoked them there the first time, I thought ps4 was going to be released sometime this year near Christmas or early next year. This is all stuff iv read on other sites, and Sony has been following a trend I think it's every 6 years they released a new system starting back from psx. All I care about that is if Trendy has like a DD2 or something in the process wether it be for next gen or not.
  5. Ouch trendy is starting to quit out with dungeon defenders, probably trying work on a new game. Hope they have something new planned for next gen console
  6. I believe I heard that they will not be doing armor set and they will not be doing weapons anymore.
  7. No offense, but I've played exactly one public game and that was because I clicked the wrong button and started a public game instead of a private one, and that was just me going back and doing an old challenge that I hadn't done in NMHC mode yet. I've played solo about 99% of my time (occasionally a friend and I will play together) and while I'm not uber geared, I can handle a decent amount of the game in NM. Considering how little I play, it's really quite easy to gear up without help. Maybe you can't gear up as fast as you would like, but it can be done. None taken and your right I cou
  8. Oh, I assumed you meant the legendary version, I could help you get the normal ones, steamid same as my name here. If you could that'd be great and lol id love to get the legendaries but I know thats way to much to ask, I can actually help on hard and medium, NM is just too crazy right now.
  9. Ok, ill try to start over. 1) i never said you were a noob or disnt know anything about the game. Sorry if it seemed like that. 2) all i said is that perhaps you could try to gear up first instead of jumping the gun and go straight to the end. But thats a personal choice ofc, and none of my bussiness. 3) my offer with aquanos was for NMHC or any other eternia map ( except kari, only done it once for the sake of completing ) 4) Im sure ( again) youre a seasoned player, but, PC handles a whole different beast. And im not talking community or whatnot, so what might seem like uber on conso
  10. I wasn't trying to compare I was just stating iv sent time learning this game and I don't need anyone to carry me threw it I just need a build iv got a monk that does a mil dps and my squire traps are all around 700 i know thats not good enough for this but I'm not some huge noob I can handle my own I was holding off 2 crystals from second wave to second last and I'm not trying to cut up the community but if I were to post this on the console side I'd have people saying they will try or I can help dps not just negative stuff, I know this game and I know what I'm doing just not on all the pc on
  11. Be patient my friend, someone will come to help :) Yes I know I already have a few great people that have helped we died on last wave :( I just really want squires dad, thanks for the boost of confidence classic (Y)
  12. And it's not like I'm asking to run me threw it on NM or even insane the drops are crap on me or easy I just thought there would be someone on here thatd be willing to do a run, I made it to round 17. But I Supose not I don't want to take it slow I need someone to help me threw the hard levels so I can get gear, i highly doubt you got very far without help. Iv done all the boring stuff probably spent more time on on char then you,use to have 3 83 on console, and that took 320mil at 2.1mil a glitter run and 3.6 mil on morrago. Iv beat this game and I already beat everything else on insane on pc
  13. Man the pc community is harsh, if this were ps3 and I asked for aquanos help on insane like 20 people would help I know the ropes of this game iv spent well over 300 hours playing, I just want the crystalline place beat for the costumes I know it's kinda of a tall order but I guess I'll just wait and do it my self some day thanks for the help.
  14. I don't wanna take it slow iv done that already remember Iv already beat this game and got 3 83s on console witch is like double the xp and 4 times as long I just want to learn a build so when I'm geared up I can do runs my self but thanks for your input im sure there's someone out there nice enough to help out a fellow defender learn a build or 3
  15. Just started on pc 4 days ago and was wondering if there's anyone that can help me with the crystalline dimension Id really like to get the skins but even on easy it's way to hard for me just looking for medium or easy finish steam account is holyhits any help is much appreciated
  16. Can't add you try adding me holyhits
  17. Ok I added you and I don't have any dlc I could buy one if need be
  18. Hey guys and gals I just moved from console to pc and I'd love it if someone could please help me out, used to have 83s on console would appreciate if some could run me glitter once or twice so I can get my squire to 70 so I can start defending by my self for a bit :) steam account is holyhits and I'm a huge noob at pc gaming so bear with me if I'm a little slow at some stuff
  19. No, USB don't work with dungeon defenders on ps3 Yes it does you can't back up just your saved files but like I said get an external HDD or make sure have a big enough flash drive and you can back up your whole system on it witch will have your DD saved files to
  20. You can't backup the DD save without PS+ Correct but you can back up your whole ps3 witch includes yours DD files, this is also a big way people dupe without ps+, iv heard people saying this guys legit he has dupers and he doesn't have ps+ well all you need is a memory stick and some smart thinking.
  21. If you have an external HDD or just a flash drive with like 8gigs you can create a back up save on those just remember to update every week or so something I really wish I woulda done before I broke my ps3
  22. Yes I thought it was august already but today is the last day they have to give it to Sony, so like we both stated its up to Sony for the release now
  23. Don't hold your breath waiting for it. Probably won't be out for another month I think it's in Sonys hands now so whenever they are willing to release it, was Supost to be done for the end of last month.
  24. Damn if I could of I would of came to your tavern with all event items and pets but I also lost everything and there's no way for me to even come on anymore
  25. Just trade the way i trade, if someone wanna trade with me they drop the item in the locked tavern once thats done i start up a map on easy and give them the stuff they wanted. Sure i could scam them but there is no reason to why i should, i dont trust random online people and never will Most people don't and that's probably one of the biggest ways kids get scammed now a days, other than getting a duped item.
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