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  1. I want my squire stats back.....
  2. Wife and I could not beat survival when we have level 70 fighters and builders, we died on wave 14 twice due to mas djinn spawns, map is to large to cover it all with two peope, So far I hate both DLC's and will not be getting any more till they fix ap towers. knowing trendy they will listen to you and make them so you have to be level 100 just to beat them on easy.
  3. Now I know why X-box did not get the patch yet, hope this gets fixed before we get ours some day.
  4. Ok Im just going to attempt to change the subject a little, from the rather depressing arguements to something we find more relevant-ish? Here goes: What do you think Series EV weapon (S) will be like? Some say it can use all, but what do YOU think? I think I will never get to play it as they don't want to sell him to me......
  5. Its worse on pure strat as then you just watch him walk to the crystal, after your walls have stoped orgres for 30 waves then the final one just walks by your defenses. happend on my x-box after around 3 and half hours of play. The other one I like is the mages retreating into there doors on the Alchamy lab when you are playing as a squire with no way to kill them. i sure hope our fist patch fixes this stuff.
  6. My green monk hates my red monk.....But that is since the Green monk only gets to build while red has all the fun....
  7. What about pets? Remember he gives you pets and we are all confused as to why Trendy made pets grow... What if the monsters that he summons against you are large versions of pets? Then you are essentially growing him in power by leveling your pet up each map.... Wow if Trendy wasn't going this direction before they should because this would make on hell of a neat story. Only problem would be post game play, if you killed him as the last boss who do you sell your junk too?
  8. If this is true than the tavern keeper isn't very smart in selling us good 10 mana pets He is just making us stronger and than it would be easier for us to defeat him , unless he is doing this just to gain our trust. He may be able to turn the pets against you during battle.......Genie will take mana, fairy will steal life.....
  9. What about the dragon head he is always braging about. What if the dragon is still alive and just sticking his head through a hole in the wall and wathcing what goes on. Mind control could also be in play.
  10. Does it matter who does the upgrading? I have two squires, one tower, one dps. The tower is my 1st one made, and it seems that when he does the upgrading the sword is worth more then if I had the same sword upgraded by my dps squire. Sorry if asked before but it did not find any thing under the search,
  11. Awakeniing is quite awesome. The amount of time I spend on the forums, you get tired of seeing the same posts bashing Trendy. People complaining about this, complaining about that, not giving any respect to Trendy for making an amazing game. It grows tiresome to have to repeatedly defend Trendy because of selfish posts and constant flaming. If people would have more respect on the forums, I would have more respect towards them. You get what you give. 878 posts of fanboyism or trolllling, never helping gots to respect that still no release date.....
  12. This is the first dlc that pc got that as a console gamer im not mad that im missing out. And of the 4, Ron Paul would be the only one that may game, the rest would not even no what pac-man is.
  13. Surley the other territories who have had it longer didn't have problems or if they did they were fixed?!?!?!?!?!?!?! US x-box player, wating for patch also, they said it will be with the next dlc.
  14. Still posting though :P Does it enrage you? It must, otherwise you wouldn't care :p Glad you can't reply to my posts now. can you say Troll.......
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