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  1. I was glad to see that release hit Steam when I got home today - can't wait to try it out! Also, we discussed the possibilities of power progression a few/many months back. Did any of that make it in the update? Ie, does the new map drop loot that's more powerful than what we've seen so far? Thanks!
  2. I recently unlocked ascension, and found the stat gains to be pretty minimal when compared to the gear gained in chaos 7. I watched a stream of somebody at ascension level 1600 and thought he must be godly from all those ascension points. When I look at the bonuses, I'm not really sure anymore. Anyway, I know it's kind of a random question, I'm just curious if those who have C7 on farm mode see ascension levels as a valuable thing to chase. Thanks for any info.
  3. Aren't there defense shards that increase range?
  4. Not sure if this is new from the patch or not, but I did a classic Mistymire survival run on HCMM, and towards the end I'd get about 10-20 spiders stuck in various spots in the eastern portion of the map. I don't recall this being an issue when I orginally farmed the map, but I may be wrong.
  5. Let's consider raising the level cap. I'm not talking about adding new tiers of equipment, or anything like that. I feel like it would be nice to gain more out of a long survival run where no item upgrades are found. Just a trickle of power, nothing crazy.
  6. Wow, what the hell. Take my money. Wait, it's free?
  7. Oh wow, it's here. Awesome! I'll have to take a look at it tonight, but what I've been wanting more than anything lately is just a nudge of stat progression. I love the feeling of getting more powerful in this game. Sorry that I've been out of the loop, but here's to hoping that there's a bit of that in CDT update 2, and perhaps more in the future! The only other change I suggested a while back involved a bug with proximity traps, where overlapping explosion radii would result in inconsistent damage.. I'll have to look it up later. Looking forward to trying this out, thanks so much for the
  8. This is exactly what I was thinking when I first read it. It all looked good, then I saw ethereal traps - woah! Big change. Nobody uses them anyway, but perhaps that's what they're looking to change. Overall, I'm okay with the changes - magic missile towers are indeed quite under powered, and needed a good nudge.
  9. Understood, thanks. Fix or no fix, I think it would be good for more difficult maps to have a higher chance of dropping supremes/ult, instead of everything past aqua/kings being the same.
  10. Yes and yes. Since the RNG changes Sup/Ult is dropping like candy on survivals. Pardon the necro, Eagle.. I'm only recently getting back into checking these forums. I'm curious about the RNG changes you're talking about. Was there a ninja change to loot RNG in the CDT update? I didn't see anything in the patch notes, unless it was umbrella'd under "quality of life" changes. Thanks for any info.
  11. Wow. You're sure beating me, then. I've got 500ish hours in, and a good 10 achievements I haven't gotten.
  12. I agree that no matter what form it takes, the progression in this game needs some form of extension. I know that we have lots of veteran players that aren't fans of letting newer players catch up faster, but this is the natural evolution of most RPGs. Better to keep the game moving, right? So yeah, raise the level cap, put out better gear, extend what we had so much fun doing to begin with. Yeah, people will cheat, but that's always the case - I won't let them wreck it for me. We don't need gear with 52,000 in stats or anything crazy, but I'd love to see a juicy carrot to aim for. Put out
  13. Agreed. I can relate to the folks who've spent countless hours getting gear. Yeah, it was a pretty dedicated grind. But why'd we do it to begin with? Because it was fun to grind out and increase our stats. Thus, I personally don't see anything wrong with extending this. Why not have more fun? Plus, if you have high stats to begin with, it'll be easier for you to farm the new maps and get better gear, versus those who don't have high stats to begin with. This is pretty standard across any progressive RPG that wants to keep people playing - put out better things, give us a new carrot to ch
  14. Definitely both, yes. You might even consider doing a small boost to weapons / little boost to armor in one map, and vice versa in another map, to encourage players to mix it up? I'd think that across the board though, slightly higher stats across all gear, as a general rule. It's also a little weird that Akatiti still drops the best stuff, when it's not the hardest map. But if we trend slightly upwards with each harder map, that inaccuracy will go away anyhow.
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