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  1. i came back after 4 months and i saw white robe/dress huntress skin with something green on her head, how people got it ? i dont see it in shop
  2. What is the best huntress dps build right now and what is your max dps ?
  3. Im talking about item that allow you to reroll Pet Ability ( the one you can use by pressing "X" ) [[61875,users]] quote: i hope its not true and i didnt waisted hours
  4. 30 hours its not unlucky its bug im specifically talking about reroll ability item rest reroll items i get all the time
  5. I played for 33 hours in last 2 weeks and i never found Reroll pet ability item I played all modes I farmed onslaught and nothing. this is clearly broken
  6. yep, big disappointment devs should put in description "broken dont buy it now" i mean how hard is to edit text at least i hope its broken
  7. i was farming a lot but i didnt find any items to reroll pet's passive ability any one found one ? or they are not in game even that in shop there is option
  8. I didn't mean that option. At the top left screen of the play screen in DD1 you can see who is exactly who by name, but on DD2 there's only pictures and no name or a name doesn't hover over a highlighted character. Sorry for the misconception. yea this definitely should be in game
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