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  1. "Let's go bunny!" "Fearless Sunglasses" "I'm blind"
  2. Wow ive never heard of that happening before now you do, lol
  3. It wont disappear on you until the duped version of your soda enters your tavern when 2 items that are essentially the same items meet one of them will disappear and since all he wanted was that oculus im guessing its not a legit soda sometimes duped items will disapear when you go back to your tavern from a game. It already happened to me several times.
  4. 2 Questions 1 Does the ultimate defender shoot through walls? 2 anyone know what the total attack damage is after you've used all 150^? yes, it shoots through walls; it shoots faster than animus. 12006 is total base dps. it does 9600+ dps. with blood rage, it can easily go up to 30000.
  5. totally agree. I guess we're both just stupid. :demon: hey, don't call me stupid
  6. -_____- giraffe isn't that hard to farm, i got a 148 giraffe a while ago. 150 laser robot will never be possible to farm. (oh well, ignore my comment is you want.)
  7. I voted for DPS. you can farm 150^ + giraffe for tower with better all stats; you can't farm 150^ robot for dps, especially with 20 hero stats.
  8. btw, is it for lvl 90?
  9. emmm, very good for tower!!!
  10. Who traded classic a duped laser robot??? bugs? :D
  11. yea, people are going for insane + now. besides power lvling is part of game play. it's not easy to figure out a good way to get fastest exp.
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