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  1. Awesome! thanks so much my man! I had heard the Dice pet was good, but dang didn't realize it was THAT good. I'll have to get on that then. Alright now, I just gotta figure out where to go for stat sticks.
  2. I've been away from the game since I think around 2013, I recall Tinkerer's Lab still being fairly new when I stopped playing seriously. Basically anything the CDT have put out I have no idea. So I've been trying to figure out where to go to get the good gear. I've mainly been a solo player, and I'm trying to hit 5k-6k+ stats. I have perfect Kobolds on all my builders (all 4 tower stats capped at 600), but I hear other pets can do better, but not sure what and where and if it's actually worth the effort. I am aware of ToTs but I have a very hard time farming those as I just cannot do the mini game. And yes I have watched the videos and read the tutorials on how to do it with ease and even practiced it for a while, I struggled pretty hard with it. Mind you WW is like the only stage I've never beat, it's not worth it to me to farm diamonds. I'm also looking to farm better tower weapons. I have some that hits around the 400 mark but only on like one character, the rest are in need of upgrades. Whats the best place to go to for stat weapons and how high of stats can I expect to look for? As far as armor goes, I know Moonbase is good, I've farmed that a few times but I've only hit wave 33 (I have around 2k-3k stats chars) so I typically get one shot around that time and my build dies. I should in theory beat it if I don't die, but that hasn't happened yet. I hear that's about the best, but most of those posts are pretty old not sure if anything new that is "better" has come out. Also, I know literally nothing about accessories, what kidn of stats they can give, where the best farm for them is, or any idea what I'm looking for. This was mainly because I remember back when I played still they only gave like less than 100 stat gains but I hear they can get pretty nice these days. I assume TD NMHC campaign is still the fastest way to level. Is there anything better? Mind you I get around 30mil, idk how good that is though. I know this is kind of a lot of information I'm asking for but I've been scouring for information and it's very difficult to find information for this game anymore.
  3. What if the people in game telling us we are overcharging are actually the pros and us on the forums are actually the noobs on pricing? Your mind just got blown.
  4. hm for me probably Fallout 3 Just Cause 2 Minecraft Super Smash Bro's Melee Dark Souls Dungeon Defenders used to be, but I just don't enjoy it like I used to. Super Mario RPG Bioshock Final Fantasy 6 Diablo 2 Dark Souls Another Dark Souls player :D such a good game.
  5. Trendy needs to get on this. All the RNG crap of this game has lead me to stop playing completely, and I would try to get friends into the game even now if this crap was fixed. This game is only a year old and already dying if not already dead. But if they'd get the DDDK updated and working properly this game could last a very long time.
  6. I always have the issue of, I'll stand still and or even run into the mana and it'll just dance around me for like 30 seconds then disappearing right as it was FINALLY about to hit me.
  7. i just found it funny i got something like this off a campaign map compared to survival which most of the time gives something bad even when a supreme or ulti drops @ winterbraid i know a guy who got supreme off king game reward that crazy that your friend got a ulti My best drop actually came from KG campaign, got an ult 93 armor piece. Which is one reason I actually kinda prefer to farm campaign rewards than survival, good armor and the best weapons.
  8. Japanese comics are terrible. American and British comics are not. game over thanks for playing though! Dude, stop your trolling, I made this thread as an opinion thread of who they think would win in a fight of Goku vs Superman, not whether or not I cared if you liked Japanese comics or not. So leave. I do not want you in my thread.
  9. I think the seller should notify the winning bidder but the bidder should also be checking stuff they bid on anyway. I think the seller should have the right to not sell if they don't want to. I've done it a few times but I always gave the person a chance to renegotiate with me and work something out. And I typically don't put a minimum bid because I'm never sure of actual value and I just want to see how high it will go. But now I also just sell stuff as the auction goes and see how certain items do and just keep them up longer.
  10. If you haven't heard the Death Battle at ScrewAttack.com is Goku vs Superman on 21 December 2012 (of course) http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death-battle/goku-vs-superman-next-death-battle[[263,hashtags]]-form Perhaps this means the world will end because they will say Superman wins and Goku will rise from a furious rage(Going Super Saiyan of course) and Superman will defend his new title in real life and they will destroy the universe and Goku will win AS HE SHOULD! But seriously, I'm all the way Team Goku and argue his victory to the death even if he loses this. Well if he does, refer to my previous statement. I'm really hoping what they say about no fact left unchecked and everything taken into consideration is true, I want a truely fair fight. I'm also kinda sad that they are doing this though. I've enjoyed Goku vs Superman debates and I've learned a lot about both dbz and Superman because of them. It's pretty clear where I stand in this, but where do you guys stand? Goku or Superman? And why? We don't need a full fledged who is going to win argument, I'm just curious who you want to win and why you want him to win. I want to Goku to win because I think he is a more interesting character, he has always struggled to win and worked extremely hard to get to where he is, Superman just kinda walks in and punches the guy in the face and wins(In terms of Pre-Crisis I mean that quite literally) and he just has super powers and just kinda learned to control them but didn't work for them especially not like Goku did. Honestly, if Superman does win it, it wont be first Death Battle I disagree with. Peach vs Zelda anyone? Zelda should have DESTROYED Peach but Peach won, kinda stupid. But you can tell they did not do enough research on that one. I hear the same kinda happened for Spiderman vs Batman. So let's hope we get a good well researched fight this time. I'm kinda excited about this if you can't tell.
  11. :'( Classic you will be missed. I always thought you were awesome and never saw anything bad with any of your posts. I'm surprised that people complained, silly people.
  12. Since I was tired of going to the video every time I needed a reminder of the build I took the liberty of turning what was in the main video into a DDPlanner layout http://ddplanner.com/?l=13781,aquanos-seahorse-farming-under-10-minutes-by-commish dey'go.
  13. I got my first ult from Aquanos nmhc surv wave 23. I got another from Hall of Court nmhc survival wave 25. And an ult 93 from KG nmhc campaign reward. I hear King's Game surv is the best place to go, but personally I find it tough to build for so I typically just stick with Aquanos which can still give ults anyway just not as common though. A lot of people here say you need to do MM but I've never found this to be true and when I actually looked into loot difference every run was nearly identical so I find the added difficulty of MM is not worth it since you can get essentially the exact same loot chances from nonMM. Definitely solo summoner, I hear KG is a bit odd in that people tend to get better drops from solo than with multiple players(Probably more of a placebo effect than anything and there is really no real difference but still). Aquanos can give good enough loot to hit 2.5k-3k stats anyway, but KG is a bit better for ult farming. Either way though, you'll have to run the map dozens of times before you actually get a useable one. Since unless it has some 200-300+ in the stats you want and has 300+ upgrades it's typically not worth even using, but it could sell for a decent price for you too save up for a legit nonhacked(God willing) ult set.
  14. Try, "UNLOCKED TAVERN" or "FREE CUBES". That's gets people. [[1565,hashtags]] lol, I might try those some time. Or maybe both, at the same time.
  15. Man, that's like 1 in a billion for sure, gratz!! Is interesting how the chests can surprise you. Some of my best ult/supreme came out of chests. Worth the effort check them out. Yeah both ult armors I've gotten were from chests. I don't know what it is about chests, but they always seem to have the best loot. I really just wish it had more upgrades though, I'll probably sell it because of that.
  16. So I was working on finally getting trans surv achievement and was about to start the last wave of Hall of Court when I decided to open the chests and out of a chest pops this... Only my second ult armor ever, but still, from Hall of Court?
  17. Alright I'm giving it all I got for that upgrade to torn armor: Prince Super Kame Guru Garzhod's awesome level is over 9000!!!! ...He was also a prison b*tch.
  18. It seems we've forgotten the best bacon product of all, the Double Baconwich, it's a sandwich with bacon instead of bread. And for what's on the baconwich? Bacon.
  19. I can understand the whole memory thing, but it's kind of a low limit to be honest. I'm not sure if it even hits 100 items.
  20. That something I shall question now. Why exactly does the tavern floor have an item limit? And a low one at that?
  21. I will be unhappy unless the yes votes reach at least over 9000. For obvious reasons. However, I will also be happy if this happens, but not as happy.
  22. [[2100,hashtags]] That's like... The worst kind of problem. lol.
  23. Holy crap! 3 times in a row, shop is up for like 5 minutes and then I drop! I mean of all the stupid, asinine, shark jumping bull sh*t! !@$#%JK@#$JKNDFMJKLN$#@!NKT
  24. This thread just has bad idea written all over it. I mean it's about politics and the just ended election which everyone is still raging about. But, I didn't really keep up with a lot of the election stuff, however, I was actually a bit surprised to find Obama got a second term. I mean personally I thought he was crappy in his first term and because of this I have low expectations for his second term, but I hope he proves me wrong and actually becomes a half way decent president.
  25. Yeah they really do need to do something about fb towers and infernos particles, it slows my comp down a decent amount(particularly when split screening), I don't think it affects any of my friends though since non of them host and all have better computers than me, just less stable internets.
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