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  1. Unupgraded add [4K-Games]Filiwaiian for bids
  2. SID-[4K-Games]Filiwaiian http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064294696/
  3. SiD in Sign -18 -none -none -arm guards of poison becuase they look super kool -Avengers because its a really funny movie
  4. Title says it all ive been only been playing for a month or so came from ps3 and havent seen one PC event
  5. Hey u knw me i gave u stuff from console add me and i will help u
  6. Well im a dps monk and if ur the ninja outfit attack speed is key and i mean hitting rate whoch shud be high so cout the three swipes as 1 move if u can do 2 or more swipes b4 dmg numbers come out thn mele if not just go range
  7. Title says it all thanks 4 the people who helP
  8. I got pc too lol im 74monk dnt got builder though but maybe can help
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