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  1. I'm very much against the idea of moving minions because it will be of huge consequence to any build there is now. And I'm not sure about the motivation for this idea as well. Some more versatility in building is fine, but this is a huge balance change imo. I think that the careful placement of towers is vital for getting to those late waves and I tend to avoid building anything sharken can push aside unless i'm very sure that spot is well defended. I use 2 EV walls on my ember surv build, but those walls are protected by a stack of about a dozen lt/harpoons and mobs need to cross 3/4 of an a
  2. I have farmed a lot of survivals over the years with one or multiple summoners and I must say I don't really see why you'd think flash heals are weak. The one thing where summoner shines is the overlord mode, where you have a much easier time seeing where heals are needed than a jester ever can. Because you can jump around the map checking your build so quickly, you don't need huge heals most the time. No need for a huge heal if a minor repair will do! Usually defenses are quite close together in a few chokes, so a flash heal will heal most of the defenses. Lower hp towers should never be
  3. I must say that certain defenses have always been better than others, but the gap is quite big atm between lt's and the rest. I can agree with the previous post that maybe some other defenses could use a buff though, instead of nerfing the lt (a lot). Flat damage increase or decrease will not change a lot imo. Otherwise it's just the old harpoon and fire tower alongside the lt. If you want to change that I think you better give those unloved towers advantages you cannot get on the often used towers against certain enemy types. Some idea's I could think of are sharken immunity on bouncer bloc
  4. I have been playing a tower jester for a very long time, but I believe there is no need to change this. The jester is already very, very powerful as a builder, but like most classes he should not build everything on his own. The problem you describe in point 1 can be quite easily countered using gas traps to give you time to adjust defenses, build new presents and sell unwanted ones. I also believe jester builders are not at their best on shorter maps, but they really shine on the hardest and longer survivals. You need time to jester up the defenses and those 4 du lightnings and harpoons will
  5. Depends on how you look at it. Lab runs are basically lottery tickets with ult++ armor being the jackpot. You can get lucky, but most of the time you don't.
  6. A valid point is that many maps give very low rewards for the time and effort they take. And lab rewards being broken is something I've heard a lot over the years. I've always been a much bigger fan of survivals and before moonbase half my sup/ult armors were still from running kings game nmhcmm dozens of times. But it is a fact that you need to know what maps give the best rewards and what maps you need to farm for certain stuff or you end up playing a lot of time without getting any upgrades. I agree with the jump in difficulty from insane to nightmare, but I've played from 0 to endgame 3 ti
  7. In general you can clear maps with low stats using a good build/strategy. Having superior stats and a bad build may be enough on some maps as well. Learning those better builds and strategies may require some effort, either by trial and error, looking up some builds on the ddplanner or playing with other ppl. It also helps knowing what maps are best to play as 'natural' progression at what stat range, there's some threads on the forums here or you can just make a new one. Most maps can be done solo, but there's a few I wouldn't recommend. The early challenges 'no towers allowed' and 'zippy ter
  8. If you're not sure about your build using a dps can feel safer, but having your summoner builder active does increase damage output as well because of the 'builder bonus'. And the flash heal plus the ability to monitor things safely from overlord is also a huge advantage.
  9. Only saw this a couple days ago, otherwise I would have taken a bit more time to search. Always fun to do contests :) I've searched for quite some time, but not a clue how to get to the first 2, although I'm pretty sure what maps they are. How to build on top of the roof on 3 is beyond me as well, but I've found the spot and clothes at least :) And I'm around the right spot on 4 but I don't have more time to fly around more through the waterfall to get a better screenie. If they're too far off I don't blame you, at least I tried and had some fun then :P [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/fejb13.jp
  10. Did you check for builds? DunDefPlanner.com You could use my survival build with app towers instead of jestered ones for campaign.
  11. Already tried google? I searched for "dungeon defenders stats graph" (searching for images) and found several hits. Not sure which ones you're looking for so you better take a look yourself :)
  12. Stuck mobs can be annoying, especially when on summoner high survival with everything upgraded already. If they don't move/attack for like half a minute it would be nice to have them removed. Might be less demanding having a counter on the last say 100? mobs of a wave checking for this.
  13. When hosting afk shops I sometimes wonder what will fly away and which things might sit around for ages. Some afk shop log would be nice. Could also help when buying without being 100% sure and getting an IC afterwards making a report easier. This kind of format I'd imagine: Time/categorie/quality/price/placed in afk shop/(bought by? not sure if this is a good idea) 13.21/armor/supreme/1Bil//4 days 2 hours ago/(Timmie)/
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