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  1. Ah, gotcha. Well that's nice to know, but i guess i am still back to square one on why my game crashes on later wave survival games yet no where else.
  2. But I have since wiped my game in its entirety, including cloud saves, and done as fresh of an install as i can. Only way i can think of to do a fresher install is literally re-install windows 10. Which i really don't want to have to do. Also, here is the error i got that one time: https://imgur.com/h5YnUxM Unless your saying that is normal for everyone.
  3. Alright, buckle up folks because I have spent at least 2 hours trouble shooting this and I still haven't fixed it. The issue: My game crashes on later survival waves. And not just sometimes. I. Can't. Finish. A. Survival. Map. Its bad. But doing something non survival? Just fine. When the game crashes, it crashes straight to desktop without an error. So naturally I started to investigate and trouble shoot. So I start off my verified game cache. 5 files missing. Lovely. Does that fix it? no, crashed again. Verify again. 3 files missing. Well that's weird. So I "launch" the game again, but quit
  4. Honestly, that's actually a good idea, it would be a perfect tower weapon for a EV. I never thought about that. Don't tower buff beams scale really bad with damage though? Would i want to upgrade HP on it instead?
  5. So I got a nice drop, but holy crap Trendy trolled me. I am so torn between using this as a tower weapon, or a dps weapon, and I would like some advice on the matter. Here is the weapon in question. Incase the link doesnt work, https://imgur.com/a/jTfM23T
  6. Well, that's better then nothing i suppose. Thanks for the info.
  7. ill get on tomorrow but i lso have to do a trade tomorrow Sounds good to me, I will be on all day today.
  8. Meant to post this thread on this account XD. I forgot SS7 used this computer last. I'm online on the 360 right now.
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