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  1. It is more of a hit and miss. Although you are correct: The medals reward people more for consistent or hardcore diehards than a person who casually comes on or comes on once in a blue moon and it looks like a terrible turn off to those players who meet the latter criteria. However, Medals are more of a reward mechanic to people who stuck with the game through and through and will continue to do so. If the player doesn't really play the game all that much and is complaining about every little thing wrong with it, then either the player should go find something else to do or should come back when they game has much more to offer. Also, there is no real fun if you hand things out for free; it supposedly feels more sweeter when you earn the things you need, either by sacrificing real currency or grinding the hell out for Medals. As Nine pointed out (sadly), Medals are not too difficult to amass. Smart rolling your dailies, winning your Daily Wins, doing the Monthly and even going as far as Easy Harbinger runs can easily let you get the medals you need. And even if you are set for the Series EV, you can get Item Boosters and Affection Candy to make your current stuff better (although both can be done with Gold and Onslaught/Harbinger respectively). As for gems, there is nothing wrong with buying them with gems. Yes, the cost is steep, but you ultimately have to say: Is it worth it or not? My friends both bought the hero with Gems (there just wasn't many skins they liked) and don't regret doing so. However, I believe it isn't wise to do 1500 gems per character as it will put a strain on your wallet. I didn't put up Gems because my budget is a bit tight (I also didn't feel like paying $15 I could get for free) and I was going to overhaul my pets and characters with the Hero Deck enhancements and I believed I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone amassing 10000 Medals and getting it all sorted out, and I did (1 daily away now). Also, the AL is missing a couple of weapons (Harbinger, Betsy, Spooky, etc.) and doesn't have Smart Loot implemented yet and I don't think they will be doing that for awhile, considering they are working on Series EV, the next i750 gamechanger weapon map/incursion and the Strategic Revamp that will hopefully bring the original 4 to AL standards (Large Spheres, OPness, etc.). Funny thing is, there's not really a lot that I hate about the game. Looks great, plays a lot like the first, has some key differences that make it feel new, lane strategy update is looking like great fun... It's just that everything is a grind. My one gripe that keeps me from investing so much more time is that grind. Which is funny, because if I spent that much time, the grind wouldn't be as big a deal. But the real fallacy is that things being handed out for free makes them less fun. If someone handed you the keys to a jet ski in real life, would you think it was less fun because it was free? Chances are, you weren't going to by a jet ski in the first place, but you get my drift. It's something you get to do that's interesting and fun not because of the effort you put in to get it, but because of the time you get to put into -using- it. Now, if someone handed you a sports trophy for a tournament you didn't even participate in, would you be excited for it? Not really. You didn't earn it, so you'll never look on it with fond memories, or feel accomplished because you have it. That's why a character as a reward for grinding and grinding is not a good reward. A character is like the jet ski, it's something you use to have fun. The fun doesn't come from all the time you spent working at a gas station to afford the thing. It comes from the time you put into -using- it. A better reward for consistent long-term play should be things that you don't use so much as remind you of how far you've come; things that let you reminisce. Like the trophy. Doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be things like achievements and trophies, but things like costumes, titles, maybe even tavern decorations. Things that you show off. Or heck, maybe use those medals to relieve the frustrations inherent in RNG systems. 1,000 medals to reroll a bad ability on that legendary you picked up? 2,500 to transmute it to an exclusive skin? 12,000 to instantly get a legendary to drop right in front of you? Sounds better to me than gating gameplay content behind a grindwall. ---- On the gem front, I'm perfectly okay with buying things most of the time. I bought the goblin-y huntress skin because it was super-adorable and I loved it. The problem is that asking whether or not it's worth it is pretty clear-cut for people playing a F2P game; no. Sure, one or two might be okay... But we have Abyss Lord, Series EV, Barbarian, Gun Witch, and the Lavamancer all announced. Not to mention the Countess and the other gender-swap heroes as possible characters. And ALL of them at $15.00? That's pretty darn ridiculous, with expectations for players to pay up to $75 to have all the characters that are announced right now. Even DD1 wasn't quite that bad when it came to add-on content costs. Not to mention that this game is in alpha, which means that these characters are for all intents and purposes DAY ONE DLC when the game it truly released. Given this game's development history, we can all agree that it's not Capcom levels of bad, but it's getting there.
  2. Paying for cosmetics in real money is one thing, but paying for gameplay content is an entirely different beast. They're asking us to pay $15 for a variation in the core gameplay mechanics. A variation that we may or may not be turn out to like playing. Back in DD1, I was super excited for the Barbarian, but never played the guy past the first hour after release because it turned out I just didn't enjoy him. Now they're asking us to pay $15 to risk that same feeling. People pay dumb prices for cosmetics because they know that while there's no change to the game, they know what they're getting, and they know the money goes to a game that they really enjoy, and it has an immediate visual impact on a character they enjoy. Buying a gameplay variation is not the same thing. You can love how it looks, you can love the game it comes in, and you can love the character's capabilities in the trailers. But sometimes the experience doesn't match up to the expectation. It's far riskier to buy a character than a costume. Another thing about medals: They're a terrible system. Right now they're a big, fat, ugly grind. But as soon as the next character comes out, they're instantly worthless to the players that play often. That week or two it takes to get the medals serves only one purpose: to alienate less-frequent players. Consistent players will almost always have enough to just insta-buy each new character with medals, so they will never notice the grind again, and the medal cost will always be negligible. Consistent players are essentially getting characters for free, because all they'll ever have to do from here on out is hit the "purchase with medals" button before they can play a new character. But the infrequent player will come in, see that a new character is released, and sign sadly because they remember the slow, dull grind they had to go through to get the last one, and know that they're going to have to do that again.
  3. Like it or not, casual players are every bit as important as dedicated players. If you don't bring in casual players, your player base withers and dies. Casual players fill the content that dedicated players never touch. Casual players impulse buy cosmetics. Casual players even turn into dedicated players given the right incentive. Catering only to dedicated players won't attract new ones, and it won't sustain old ones. And I'm not even wanting things to be given away for free. I'm asking for -REASONABLE.- Let's look at a game that's been enjoying a growing population after a rocky and uninspiring start: Warframe. Their new characters can be crafted for free, or bought for real money too. It costs between $5 and $15 to buy them through real money. These are characters with significant animation quality, model work, a host of new abilities... All which have to be adapted for use with a positively mind-boggling array of cosmetics and weapon types. What I'm saying is that we can reasonably assume that there's a lot of work involved, which I'm sure is the case for DD characters as well. So you might think that there's some precedent for a DD2 character to cost that much. But here's the part that hurts DD2 so much more. You can TRADE the premium currency in warframe between players in exchange for parts, mods, and blueprints. You can simply buy a new warframe buy making a few smart trades, or getting a little lucky with in-game drops. All for FREE, too. You can't trade DD2's gems about, and there's no real economy aside from the company to player economy. Even worse, if you have no love for trading, you can just go out and farm the parts you need to build the warframe. You can have all the needed parts in less than a day (unless it involves Nintain Extract, but that's not particularly common). Then it's a simple matter of waiting a few days for it to craft while you're doing whatever else you want. Your cost for making a new character? An afternoon of grinding, and a four day wait. Sure, DD2 isn't Warframe, and Warframe isn't DD2. But in one game, I've crafted seven characters, dozens of weapons, a few pets, and have a wealth of gameplay options that ensure that when I do want to play, I've got something interesting, while still knowing I have a lot to work for. But in the other, I've only got a couple of characters, and that's about it. And these are both games I play casually. One I log into every day with the knowledge that I can have something new and exciting. The other I log into less and less, wishing for something to make the gameplay feel just a little bit different.
  4. Here's my problems involving the cost... I don't play this every day. I shouldn't have to play this every day. So many games out there want your attention each and every single day now. Everyone has a daily log in bonus, or daily quests... It's tiresome. Dungeon Defenders 1 was a game that could be played casually, and still be a load of fun. I didn't have to log in every day. I could just round up a few friends, and we'd spend the night chopping away at hordes of enemies for a few hours. Then we could drop it to go do other things, come back a week later, and we'd know that we hadn't lost anything. I'd given up on playing this game for a while, because I wanted to see more development. You're in "pre-alpha" or whatever you're calling it. (You're charging money though, so that tag means nothing.) Then I saw that new characters were coming out, and a strategy revamp was in the works. Abyss Lord, what a day! Oh wait no... I don't have 12,000 medals. The monthly is worth 2000, and dailies are about 500 each... So I can play the Abyss Lord in... Twenty days? Well, sixteen since by then the price would have dropped. But that's two weeks of waiting around, NOT having the thing that drew my attention back to the game. Unless I want to pay $15... Which is pretty ridiculous. And correct me if I'm wrong, but that price didn't go down after two weeks either. Too many games are trying to make their gameplay a chore in an effort to milk players for every cent and every second of their time. While it might work for the whales, the casual player just gives up. Casual players like me. Players who are easily led back to a game with the promise of shiny new things. New content. New ways to play. New characters are a MASSIVE draw for casual players. And when they're not accessible, it's disheartening. Locking characters behind grindwalls and huge paywalls... (seriously, $15 bucks is enough to buy a solid, new, game thanks to the booming indie scene.) Well, locking characters away just makes casual players give up. For good. Now to address the concerns of the more dedicated crowd. Those who say, "People should have to work for it! It's a free to play game. It'd be worthless if it could be banged out in an afternoon. You can simply save up enough by the time the next one rolls around." That's your perspective. A dedicated player's perspective. But you would have the content either way, because you'd grind it out whether it was able to be done quickly, or slowly. You've also got the best pets, with perfect rolls. The best items. Done all the maps. You all tear apart content the instant it's released and are always hungry for more. The casual player is left with less than scraps. They're left with a big, juicy payoff dangled just out of reach. To you, a new character is a quick button press away because you already have all the materials stocked up. To the casual player, it's being given a carrot on a stick while people laugh at your inability to reach it, or berate you for refusing to chase after the obvious carrot on a stick. There's SO MUCH in this game that's grindy. There's none of those quick little trials and challenges from the first game. No fun little casual content updates. It's just all grind. Grind for weapons, grind for pants. Grind for these tokens. Grind for those tokens. Grind for pets. Grind to get to the next level of grinding. It can't all be grind. Especially since a new character is no better than any other character (you know, in theory). I'm not saying that new characters have to be free and instantly unlocked... But seriously, throw the casual players a bone here or there. Otherwise you'll starve your own player base until they move on to something that promises to feed their needs. It may sound like I'm giving up on Dungeon Defenders 2 if this is the direction they're going. And yeah. That's right. With Series EV coming out next, my favorite character in DD1, I'm on edge... Hoping. Praying. Making blood sacrifices. All in hope that when she comes out, I don't look at her and say, "Not worth it."
  5. Huntress Skill Spheres Small: (Side-grades that are interesting, as opposed to minor basic numerical buffs.) Split Nock - Reduce hero basic attack damage output by 50%, but each attack fires two shots. Bouncing Arrow - Hitting with a charged attack will cause the arrow to bounce between multiple nearby enemies, depending on how long the charge was held. Removes the knockback from the normal charged shot. Bouncing Betty - Explosive Trap does only 20% damage, spread out over fives hits in moderate succession. Medium: (Distinct upgrades, but weighed against stat upgrades.) Miasma - The poison DoT from the Poison Dart Tower spreads to other enemies in close proximity, though the tower does no direct damage on hit. Trick Shot - Charged arrows deal less damage, but the longer it is charged up, the more arrows are fired in a narrow cone spread. Big ol' Bomb - Concussion bomb no longer fires a carpet bombing style string of attacks, but is instead aimed like the oil grenade. It places a bomb with a three second fuse, dealing massive damage and stunning, or bonus damage against crowd-control immune enemies. Large: (Distinct advantages) Tar Balloon - Fire Balloon no longer drops fire on enemies, but instead gives them the good ol' oil effect. Flak Arrow - Hitting airborne targets with hero attacks deals bonus damage in a small AoE. Free Bird - Piercing Arrow deals X% less damage, but makes a return trip after hitting terrain or maximum range.
  6. Currently, if someone starts a map while in a group tavern, everyone is tossed into the new map instantly, no matter what they are doing. In DD1, there was a short countdown of 10s, with a ticking noise to make sure everyone was aware what was happening. I'd rather like to see this back, so that I don't get interrupted 1 micro-second before I buy an upgrade through the tavern shops.
  7. There's already a similar known bug, but I'm encountering an annoying major bug every once in a while that seems to be a variant on the "input getting stuck in menus" bug. While in a group, I'm often putzing around tavern, waiting to load up the next round. But if I'm moving using good ol' fashioned WASD when the game suddenly cuts to the loading screen, I'll get stuck permanently moving in that direction.
  8. wasdclick

    Server List

    The server list from DD1, while it had it's quirks and frustrations, was really just fantastic most the time. I'd love to see an improved version like this. I know since DD2 was originally made to be a hybrid MOBA style game, this kind of matchmaking we have currently is something that was kind of all ready there and ready to go. And I know you don't want to toss away any hard work. But this suggestion is vital to a good experience. And there's no reason a matchmaking system and a server list can't go hand-in-hand. TF2 does something similar, where it's matchmaking will drop you into a well-located valve-certified server, but you could go and pick from a list of other servers with unique properties and game modes.
  9. I noticed earlier that an accessory dropped that had the stats I needed for my character. So when I went to compare items by holding down shift, I saw that my currently equipped accessory had 5 less Hero Damage and 5 less Hero Crit Chance. Sounds perfect. Except that the box showing the stat changes said I'd lose 10 of each stat if i equipped it. Turns out, there's some sort of level-adjustment while you're playing on lower iLvl missions. Which I'm all cool with, though I wish I'd known, as it's not readily apparent. By my core suggestion is this; When comparing items, please don't show the level-scaled stats. That way we have a clear, proper picture of what we're comparing. P.S. As an aside, if you're going to have level-scaling, please have some semblance of loot scaling too, so we can still have some chance at getting minor upgrades or even side-grade items for alternate builds.
  10. Thank you much, good sir or madam. The restart didn't work, but the Registry thing did. I appreciate it. <3
  11. I recently got back into playing the game, so I bought a boatload of the DLC including the new playable characters and mission packs. For the PC version over Steam This includes the Talay map pack. Steam verifies that I've purchased it, but when I go into the game, I can't play the content. Instead, it tries to get me to buy the DLC. I've verified my cache, restarted Steam, tried waiting a day, and bashed my head against the keyboard. None of that has worked. If anyone can help, that'd be fantastic. It's bad enough that I have to play the map again to unlock the Demoness costume... (Finding a group online isn't always easy for a map where the final wave drags on forever with 2k enemies.) I just want what I paid for.
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