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  1. Only if they don't give loot. Otherwise some kiddo would come up with insane high drop rates and other imba loot on a map where you're killing a single goblin.
  2. Skyrim is a bad example. Skyrim doesn't claim to a F2P game. It is a single player game you buy, sit down, and then play entirely at your own leisure with no restrictions on what you want to do in the game. Also, it is not an online game with any interaction. You run it off of your own machine. It is a standard video game. There might be some type of leaderboard/achievement thing running on their server. They probably also have a list of who has purchased what DLC so they can redownload it if needed. All of those costs would be included in the price of the game. Again, the vast mayority of ga
  3. I disagree with the logic you used there. The only real difference is the amount of content released with in the games. If you have the same amount of content in Dungeon Defenders as you would in a game like WoW, would you still be against a subscription? What if the subscription was like, lets say, $15 for six months or something? If gives us a solid game to play while giving Trendy some recurring revenue so they can keep developing, offering good support, patching, etc. That same argument could be used to make any and every game use a subscription model. Skyrim for example could've gone
  4. I actually agree with you Ryzours in that grinding can be fun. From what I have read on the forums, people say that it's not the actual act of grinding that bothered them in DD1, it was that the reward they got for it wasn't as good as they had hoped they would get as eagle45302 pointed out. Chris the ranger also pointed out another problem a lot of people had. Either way, I'm happy you had fun. My favorite part is going back to previous maps and trying to beat my top score. What are some of your other favorite things to do after you had beaten the game? Problem is, most of the time the rewa
  5. What do you all think of kickstarter and/or stretch goals? Do you find directly paying for ongoing development (and knowing what your money is going toward to build in the game) better than traditional free to play models? Also, what's everyone's thoughts on subscriptions or hybrid subscription models like Eve/Wildstar? I've got no problem with Kickstarter as long as it makes sense, for example paying for the game before it is released already to help it get released or even donating some more just for some "badge" or "trophy" that makes you out to be a supporter. I'm extremly wary of
  6. The forum is not dead by any means. Trendy must be going through a lot of changes and are working hard on DD2 atm hence why there have been less activity from them on the forums plus many game developers do not even post in there own forum for obvious reasons. If the forums were dead then this forum would most likely not exist today. When Trendy has something to actually show us or update there status on DD2 they will post something but until then we have to wait patiently. Errrm, no. They had a clear schedule and "weekly" reports for us, all of it "suddenly" stopped and we never heard of the
  7. So let's face it. Trendy seems to have all but abandoned their own forum, there's no releases, no information, no contact from their side and from what I've read here some of the beta testers can't even log into the game anymore. There's exactly one thread with a post from today and a handful from yesterday and all of them are from users, Trendy is way over their own schedule and don't seem to care to actually inform anyone with people losing interest fast. Can we declare the whole thing or at the very least the forum dead yet?
  8. It seems you missed this whole deal with the one lead guy?
  9. I have found that Kings Game Survival NM HC MM gives like 600M every 2 waves that's what i always use to do to get more mana but their may be a lot better options but farming wise that's where i farmed it up while farming gear Add three "idle" defenders through the controller emulator. That way you get a lot more mana. Basically you could cap each round. And then just circle between the chars to upgrade whatever stuff needs upgrading or make "old" mana tokens.
  10. no the U.S. your confusing years with maturity different animals mature an different rates a 1 year old dog is an adult while a human is still a baby Google California Code - Section 311 1. The US isn't the world though. 2. The problem here is that she isn't stated to age slower in game or be younger/older than they are. In fact seeing how she grew the same as the other ones did in the DD 2 it's fairly safe to assume that DD elves mature at the same rates humans do. So far all evidence points against what you stated. By the way, it wouldn't be an excuse for the Countess, Initiate, Demo
  11. no she's not or the seductive drawings trendy released of her would be child pon + shes not human she could be 100 1. Her age isn't stated but we know perfectly well that she isn't grown up yet. So assuming she's several hundred years old is a big, big stretch. In fact seeing how she grows up with the other children and looks far more mature in DD 2 it's safe to assume that she's in fact their age. This was by the way one of the big critique points being brought up in the recent pr debacle for Trendy on Kotaku and so on, remember? 2. Fictive drawings do not count as "child pon" in most
  12. These two things do not go together. (*_*) 5K stats are not the highest possible stats you can obtain, but they are in no galaxy considered "low." For any class. There are very few players who have any DPS character that high, and I'd consider 5K to be "super high stats." My Monk is my personal best-stat DPS character, for example; the only one of mine with truly high-end stuff. He has 3/4 pieces of armor being high upgrade Ult/Ult+, as well as good Acc/Wep/Pet - and I don't even have 5K hero attack yet. I probably could if I finished up all the insane numbers of upgrades on the armors (
  13. I thought the huntress had a buff to damage a little while ago... Damage is still far inferior. This is why the Huntress has invisibility ;) Invisiblity is ignored by the only mobs who actively come after you and pose a threat. It is also deactivated in assault, alongside her range. Basically in Assault all her positive abilities are gone without anything to make up for making her even worse than in normal play. I like her Invisible ability. Put a gas down, a darkness short towards too and stay at mid of the gas. AFK super hero if seahorse (or mega) equipped. To be honest it doesn't make
  14. Harpoons flat out beat anything the apprentrice has to offer, add to that that the Apprentice towers are lag producers first class and are partly elemental so some are immun. The harpoon might be the single best tower in game by a large margin due to it's piercing.
  15. I remember a long time ago the huntress was already pretty lacking with the Barbarian and Monk vastly outdoing her. Now with the addition of the jester even those seem to be vastly better than the huntress is. The huntress offers lackluster support at best, she's damage wise outdone by quite a few classes, her special abilities are close to useless (piercing shot cool down pretty much ruined it and invisibility is ignored by the most dangerous enemies whom you have to look out anyway), she's squishy compared to a barbarian or monk and in general doesn't seem to offer anything worthwhile wh
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