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  1. If you just going to kick someone just do a private match because public match is for everyone who loves playing with strangers or want to rank up.
  2. He/She is so small lol. I wander what does he do. I think he/she will give you mana every second lol.
  3. Im having trouble lvling my monk. My monk is level 72, it would be great if you can help me reach lvl 74. I have no problem lvling my squire because his tower can do damage and tank. Thanks guys, hit me up on psn if you are interested :D. PSN ID: SweetRevenge09
  4. bump lol. I love to see other peoples ideas too.
  5. How much points should I put on my tower health/damage/range/attack speed?
  6. I know mistymire wave 1 is fast but is there another way to level up faster? thanks
  7. Im playing dungeon defender on PS3 and planning to move to PC. I just have a one question, can ps3 controller work on PC? I want to do splitscreen with my brother so we can play together. thanks.
  8. Ill even set up a giraffe run for you, but ill be afk after that. I sleep during the day. All you'd have to do is repair. I really want to know because i have a little brother and cousin playing this so we can run it any time.
  9. Give me a event item and I'll tell hehe I dont even know what are event items. Ive been playing this game for 2 weekS.
  10. What map is the best way to farm giraffes? & Can you list all the maps where you can obtain giraffes? What wave you must finish? Im very new to this game, Ive only playing for 2 weeks lol. If you have a spare of giraffe, can you spare one for me for my aprentice tower? thanks :D
  11. What level are you? both lvl 71. I have malificars rapier for lvl 74 with 78^, so I want to lvl up my squire.
  12. What tower stats should I upgrade for my Tower Monk & Squire? thanks guys :D
  13. I have good weapons now and I just need good armors. What is the map to farm good armors? Do they just drop on monster or In chest? Thanks. I play on ps3 btw.
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