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  1. Level 50 commando, also in playthrough 2.5 have all legendary weapons atm searching for more! Killed terramorphous and found the bee with a 60k amp :) Lucky, my brothers siren has the level 50 bee and I only have the level 48 bee :c
  2. they take blood from trolls? weird. "Foo, you are my favorite forum poster. That is all." - Classic22 Only when they are desperate. If you haven't heard the world is having a bacon crisis so everyone is eating it while they can needing so they need surgery and well they ran out of blood :/
  3. Except better. :) But this is pretty cool Obviously not the real bigfoot. Big foot always carries a pack of bacon with him /giggles
  4. All my characters are level 50, except Zero -- he's 47. Working on legendary weapons for all of them now. That and I've beaten the story twice - with all of them, so now I can farm Terramorphus by myself or with some pals. "Foo, you are my favorite forum poster. That is all." - Classic22 Yeah same, I am trying to get "The Bee" though/.
  5. Cure....is that...is that.. you? c: maayyyyybuhhhyeeee
  6. Way to make me cry all over my keyboard Q_Q
  7. I played borderlands 2 like crazy! My brother and I decided to chill out for a week and play borderlands 2 for the whole week. Finally beat playthrough 2.5 and I looove it so much I am doing it again on a new character :D!
  8. Little known fact, I was in the passenger seat.
  9. With a handsome jack mask
  10. It means I will disguise my bacon as a skeleton: Oh, and I'll watch a lot of goosebumps: Oooooooh! I will also look at ****ty girls.
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