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  1. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  2. In moraggo I got a 109^ generic wand out of a chest once and Gamerjunkee had a 130^+ Soul Focuser. I would highly doubt the existence of a legit 140+ generic weapon though.
  3. If it does come out on consoles it will most likely come out for PS4 and Xbone not ps3 and 360. Id doubt that Trendy had a next gen dev kit so they weren't developing pc/console versions simultaneously which means they would have to port it over which if they even decide to do it would take some time. It would be nice to see it on consoles though :)
  4. Trendy doesn't replace lost items/weapons but I'm sure they can help you get your character levels back just wait for their reply.
  5. Lol so much confusion Imported_Ez I didnt get the 110 pristine chest piece off of him it wouldnt have helped me much so I ended up just giving him what I was going to trade to him for free. If you still want the chest piece its still available.
  6. lol good score i was eyeing up that chest piece, oh well next time! He still has it if you still want it I ended up giving him the gloves and a 142^ junbao for free.
  7. I remember the trade it wasn't chain it was 124^ mail boots and I traded you a crysknife and another weapon the crysknife was 150^+ I remember because you asked me how to upgrade it. I still wear those mail boots too on my squire :). My guess is 80 and 15
  8. Didnt happen to me but its pretty funny. The moment that Beastly finally got a 200+ oculus started upgrading it while reading a magazine to find out 20 upgrades in that he's been upgrading into hero health. Then the following moments where Me Rangerz and Gamerjunkee laughed at him for several minutes.
  9. It makes me happy to know you still haven't farmed a 200^ weapon and had to witness me gamerjunkee and beastly grab all of ours. I have about 6 or 7 my best is my 240^ oculus that I farmed the day after the insane+ patch which forced me to get to lvl 90, but my happiest was my 211^ oculus for lvl 78 which I made into my magic blockade/dps staff because Rangerz wanted it so bad.
  10. Stop kidding yourself its not oversized but you didnt tell me it was for 74 when you showed it to me my lvl of anger has reached new hights
  11. I was lvl 83 on glitter insane+ day of patch and even though ive never gotten 100^+ from the non respawning chest ive seen 90^+ out of them so they are worth checking also most of my 110^+ armor has been found within the first 3 waves not counting mana gathering wave
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