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  1. Thing that bothered me wasn't even that it was a one shot kill. What bothered me was that our defenses were perfectly sound. The archer took a random pot shot at the defense, it flew over the top and hit the crystal. Losing because I ****ed up, or my gear wasn't good enough yet, I can handle. Losing because of stuff I can't control and random chance, not so much.
  2. Just gonna go right ahead and say this is probably the most saddening moment on DD I've had to date. Now, me and my friend aren't fantastic at the game. We're just starting to do adequately at insane (Only base campaign level we have yet to do is Summit) and we've been practicing on Survival and farming to get good gear. Probably our staple level is Magus, because it's pretty damn easy to defend. We've been reworking our defenses and whatnot and we finally reached the point where we weren't going down. There were a lot of close calls, but we were sticking it out. We hit 15 and got the pe
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