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  1. With 4 characters the last round I was getting around 150m in items and 40m per character so 310m
  2. I have been farming mana from the throne room survival nm hc mm. If i afk, I get around 50-80m mana per wave. If I actively loot during the wave with empty inventory I have gotten up to 180m mana per wave. I usually start from wave 11. The build I use is very fast to do and does not need repairing during waves. I've tried this actively looting and from wave 11 it's about 150m+ and increases as the rounds go on. This seems by far the best method to me.
  3. A full run of Shipwreck got me around 400m which doesn't seem better than Magus to me?
  4. My stats definitely aren't good enough to get far in survival on shards maps solo yet, I might be able to do Throne Room or Shipwreck I suppose. Is it better to do these with afk controllers to earn more mana or what?
  5. So I started Dungeon Defenders a while ago and have levelled multiple classes to 83 and I'm now wondering where is the best place to farm mana? I see people buying and selling on the forums using tokens worth ridiculous amounts of mana each and I can't even make enough mana to upgrade my gear. I can currently farm Magus Quarters to 25 if I sit repairing but the mana earned for the time the waves take doesn't seem too great. Can anyone help me out? It's really hard to find information for this game.
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