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  1. You guys STILL don't have the patch???
  2. Anyone who wants to join hit me up! My PSN is rideatv4 - You must be able to handle 4 players on the final round -no AFK
  3. What is the BEST place to farm for armor? I'm talking about the good stuff the 100+ pieces!
  4. What is the highest pressurized energy core you have seen? Can to get 200+ weapons on aquanos?
  5. How are people getting 100+ soul focusers? I literally farm the lab 10 times a day and nothing!
  6. how do you get a diamond?...im from console
  7. thats why i was having a hard time deciding if i should buy this game because i want to be able to play offline and level my guys up or even be able to use my guys while im offline
  8. hi, i was really thinking about buying dd for PC and i have a couple questions before i did :) The most important one was can i play and rank up when im not online? can i use an xbox controller to play?
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