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  1. Probably the dragon on summit. Simply because it let me show off :D
  2. Ok, question. Should an item with say 2 negative restances, -200 Hero HP, 100 Run Speed, -150 Cast Rate, and -250 Tower HP be Mythical? 'Cause I cant help but feel something is wrong there, too. Maybe they're counting the negatives as positives :P
  3. Strangely enough, I rarely ever have a bad experience in pub games. I've actually met a lot of great people in them. There are always the few bad ones that ruin the bunch though.
  4. I personally prefer the STS due to the massive damage and epic ball rolling!
  5. Excellent points, I think Trendy might be banking on the relation between rarity and grinding to extend the game's life, this on itself is ok, but it's borderline deprecating because right now you just need to grind 100s of hours to get a decent armor set. To add to the list of possible solutions, stop NM (HC and MM) from dropping anything lower than mythicals, it's disheartening to finish wave 28 of a shards map in NMHC difficulty and get a godly (or lower) item, and a bad one to boot. I know what you mean. Seeing epic gear with +8 stats dropping from chests in Aquanos nm hc mm wave 30 i
  6. The Stone Thrower Spear. I love that mad ball rolling action!
  7. Hackers are a massive problem. I was added on Steam by someone after helping them through a glitter insane hc run, he only had 90 or so hours on the game and a level 72 squire toon when I played with him. Today I decide to join his game after my survival runs to see if he wants any help with achievements to find him farming Glitter nmhc with the squire at level 90, 4K tower stats and a comp cube. Needless to say, I removed him from my friend list. People like that ruin the game for everyone. Either he had some VERY generous friends or he's a big time hacker. Report him?
  8. I'm always amazed when I see things like a sword being auctioned with a minimum bid of 50 billion. The new mana tokens are brilliant and save me heaps however they've allowed for hackers to create way more in a much quicker time. I still manage to find a few cubes for 40 tokens each but thats just generally new players who don't know the current value. It's ridiculous that in the space of days, cubes jumped 20 billion in value...
  9. I'd love to join. I never got to play the game through properly and a second chance would be great. SID: Nemonix-PipGuts Eats Bagels
  10. Not bad at all but a damn shame. If it had a 2k base... well...
  11. Hacking is definitely a problem but what you're asking is impossible. Items data/mana/most things are stored locally. If it was stored online it would stop hacking but create an insane amount of lag in every game. Unfortunately, as far as I can see, there is no obvious fix.
  12. As a monk, you'd be crazy not to go ranged. It's one of the key advantages to it. A good starting monk weapon is the nosferatu. You pick this up on insane/nightmare halloween spooktacular as a monk. Great number of shots and nice damage. After that, try get a stones throw spear from insane/nightmare volcanic eruption or a lemurian halberd from aquanos, again, insane/nightmare.
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