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  1. Very Old player trying to get into the swing of DD2 From DD1, Forgot everything you need to know to play this game... Would like the google docs spreadsheet of all the ideal gear, maybe some tips aswell, Pls Help thank you
  2. I have you added. Any Ult + or Ult leather pieces will do jsut fine for me. If weapon i'd like a squire tower weapon ult+ or whatever ~MrJTMoney99 ----- now im 50 Shades of Gandalf The Gray
  3. I'm quite the Dungeon Defenders Veteran here. I've been a part of dd scince it was released. I have it on my playstation, phone and lastly pc... With college in my life now i can not really be on as much as i would like. But i log in today to see dungeon defenders 2 released (yay right?) no not yay At all. Finally the game we were promised for almost 2 years now. Yet it costs money, AANND its 6 months late. Theres probably quite the excuse for this and im sure i'm going to here it but before you say anything. Why does it cost money to play? I thought because of the extensive dlc on dd1 that n
  4. I was super duper duper duper hype on the forums all spring... and then no dd2 alpha released to the public :( thats why i slowed down posting, hate to admit it but that was the only reason i was on the forums 1: Alpha and Beta Passes 2: Release date information
  5. Coob 2 get you started i guess *edit* didnt see your reserve, offer redacted
  6. People with temperary passes only get to play test until april 21st
  7. Rezilliance has been wanting to buy a Rockshatterer for a while now. I'm sure if he finds this post he'll bid a nice price
  8. My Rates for TD is 1 cube per 2 runs. But CD is like 1 per 1 and Labs Rate is slightly increasing to about 3 per 20 or 1.5 per 10
  9. This was the last thing on the trading post haha. :) Just thought i'd check it out xD
  10. Ill throw a coal at it :>
  11. I agree with ddace, there is no 1 way to play. Bt I'm biased, I think playing the game slowly is best, but when I did that there was no other option. Now lab is possibly the fast ticket to end game, but soul destroying. I must disagree, when has anyone been patient enough to play the game the "slow way" when you have a shortcut to get some nice gear. Us veterans all played the game when lab assault wasn't out, we had do put hundreds upon hundreds of hours in survival in order to get our gear. But for the last dlc coming out, it allows new people to play the game in a way so they can get
  12. Eh I had a couple people say 2 to 3 cubes would be a more fair price, even if the ps is low. The auctioner is always modest about their item i'd say olia's offer is fine, dont expect you'll get anything better :/ sorry :3
  13. "My friend hacks" yea right dude haha, haxors have no fwiends. Its either you, or you haha
  14. arent minimum bid and reserve the same thing? Edit* Nice set hope people realize that your final stats are just the armor only and no weapons or pets
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