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  1. Could it have been that this was in the early access? Is all your Characters still there?
  2. The Problems. 1. The upgrade targetting is realy bad. If you have multiple defenses on the same place like auras the upgrade order is usualy Buff beam > STR drain > Electricity aura > Barricades > any other kind of dmg tower/trap > CC towers/traps/auras/beams. The problem is that it's realy hard to target the correct tower if you have them on each other. It was a bit of a problem with the old system but it was atleast easier to target the auras with how there was an icon for each aura above the towers. 2. As many people have said. There is no loot in pure defense or th
  3. Since there seems to be people who do not know how the Auto Loot function works I thought that I should put up this Forum post about it. This is something me and a friend of mine discovered yesterday and had an issue with for a while. This is how it works. First you need to Filter your bags for the kind of equipment you want to have in it. This is to specialize for each bag what kind of item you want in it like if you want only have Militia gear pieces in a bag all of that kind of item will be placed in it. When that is done you need to go into the Options menu and then go into
  4. For both Monks and Huntress they need to have roughly the same stat in eveything but power since you always need more of the dmg and power itself. But it should work fine with having the same amount of stats.
  5. All the heroes level together if you have them in your hero deck. With the hero deck you can only bring Four heroes with you so you have to decide depending on what map you are playing and what your party members bring with them to the battle since you might want extra monks depending on what kind of map you play on and how much defense needs to be buffed. If you have a party to play with each member can specialise on what to bring to your team since most might not be thinking of brining a dps hero to the battle and such.
  6. 1. No Idea, was arrows and stars in DD1 but havn't seen anything in DDA 2. On Insane and harder difficulties the timer has always started instantly. The same for DD1 and you can ot take the timer away. The best way to hande it is to increase your heroes movement and casting speed. 3. No idea. Havn't tried multiplayer yet since i'm only playing solo or with friends. Might be possible to see the stats if you enter the menu and clicking the profile of your party members but probably not. 4. As fas as i have seen it doesn't work. Only sells everything on the map as far as i have se
  7. Noticed just now that it's the same problem with the Deadly Strike Towers. That they don't attack the Wyverns. I'm wondering if it could be that tey arn't attacking cause they are amining for something else. But if that is the case it should only be for the Deadly Strike Towers since the Harpoon towers can't shoot throught the walls and so they shouldn't be able to aim through the walls.
  8. This was on the Lava Mines map on Campaign, Hard, HC, Rifted difficulty. I also noticed that the Deadly Strike Towers was able to shoot the Wyverns down.
  9. I have noticed from a few games now that the Harpoon Towers doesn't attack the wyverns when they enter inside the attack arc from the towers. It has happened that the towers have been shooting when they are either attacked by the wyverns or when the core is attacked. This is not how it was in DD1 so i do belive it's a bugg. I have also seen that the harpoon towers sometime doesn't attack the Kobolds so that i have had to put up a Barricade to make sure the towers arn't attacked. I do not think this was the case in the Beta (i havn't played since game release). My first thought when i saw that
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