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  1. I'm back for a bit what's new? I'm looking for farming buddies let me know or send me a friend request Cya :D
  2. The only problem is I have 2 chars that are decent and cant get on bc im away for a while but I can try to connect to the internet but it will be hard with the ps3
  3. I cant play for a bit but whats new other than the events I gave away all my stuff before I left so im at square one with no good gear.
  4. Cmon guys what makes a sandwich is the bread.
  5. Before I took a break it was mostly whatever u traded for was "duped" is it still like I'm debating to come back or not.
  6. I want to be able to post pics for my friend anyone know how to?
  7. My friend can't open his tavern were he has all of his weps/ armor/ pets/ accs/ mana and events he has reset many times im all out of ideas so any help by the community. (also tried game cache)
  8. When I was Pc I farmed Armor on NMHCMM is that better than NMHC?
  9. Ill tell you this he probably just ripped you off. Ive trader with twice the odds weren't with me.
  10. Campering is the crying for joy im lying? Throwing the controller if im coming?
  11. I never quit I stalk campering im comin back to ps3 my sister now plays on pc. Listen to this first 30 seconds friends bare with me.
  12. My brother he got it like:My brother and a friend were fighting and he turned it on and he went home and bought it.
  13. We make Cheedah do all the work :3 and watch him suffer :3yes we do lol
  14. I always get bored so how do you not get bored?
  15. After the events stopped and then everyone left.
  16. dont have summ and aura monk is decent
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