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  1. i remember DD1 when poons would fire so fast it looked like 1 continous line. I am not at that stage yet so no nerf needed ;) Alsooo.. hi mr captain! Veterans reunited op :p
  2. But what if the build consisted of towers that were on a toon you don't have equipped? I see your point but the game does keep all the towers at the end of a map now and allow you to run around. Previously DD would sell all your towers and you didn't know where you had built!
  3. pretty sure though on DD1 it was like this - i don't ever recall running full speed immediately, there was certainly a little delay. Great idea - so simple yet effective - trying to place towers up high often results in failure as you try to move a cm and just fall off!
  4. But some maps you cant build all your defences in the first wave as there isnt enough mana :) The joy of playing is the build! i love being the builder and trying to build as fast as i can - then trying to beat that time :D
  5. You're banned for not banning the person above you in the first post that you banned someone
  6. Its just teething problems with the game. Probably a bit to do with the servers, something to do with all the gold and mana drops and so on. We had the same issues on DD1 where turning off damage numbers and music helped a bit! Hopefully future patches will start to fix things - cant tell you how many times i have died falling off the map to a huge frame lag spike!
  7. One of the best ideas to be posted in the forums. Most games have a daily bonus now rewarding players for logging in. Would be great to be able to build up to a good reward for playing!
  8. Those from DD1 will remember the doughnut challenge...if you didn't then clearly you never visited the forums! Quite simply put - you have a jam/jelly doughnut. It must have a nice layer of icing sugar on the top. You eat said doughnut without licking your lips at any time! Record and upload to be a doughnut challenge winner! Here was mine from 4 years ago!!! LETS DO THIS!
  9. Happy hunting! ( i bought a chaos 6 pack and it was the first one i opened )
  10. 5 words... Borderlands one and borderlands two. Both these had serious in depth loot systems which scaled to the highest character in the game. rather than capping items as lvl 50 surely this can be extended? Bl2 used op mode 1-8 cant you have chaos 1 drops chaos 2 drops etcz Or even just allow the level to keep ticking! Drop items that run of asc instead. This allows a trading system - as you cant just trade high gear from your mate if your low level Also if you make it so the item level can drop a few ahead of what you are - you want to try and level up to use it! Also stops leeching. If you scale to the highest player in that lobby... Means matchmaking may have to be improved so you didnt end up with someone at 1000 as if playing online and your at 3.... Just feels like it might be good. Also everyone then knows what loot is better - the higher level! Might fix lots of mini problems! Just a thought is all
  11. They are already working on new modes - similar to that of survival from dd1 i believe. Lots of development going on behind the scenes i reckon and will roll out as and when they can. If they rush it out and its "incomplete" well then everyone just makes posts about how bad it was and should have had more time spent making it
  12. Player challenges were cool and the fixed drops meant you could farm the best item outta it Maybe suggest some ideas to their "mutators" in here https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/146874/your-thoughts-on-new-mutators?scrollTo=1290290&page=2#1290290
  13. Wow some great ideas in here - i love that i started a little trend and everyone followed suit - community = awesome :D Ps. Sorry trendyjose if the trend was completly the opposite of what you wanted.... but at least we gave you 100 new challenge levels! :D
  14. Well this could be endless! and could lead to some fun laughs! Some ideas below....with some random names because - why not! random projectiles - you fire chicken eggs! or even if randomly your weapon spawned a mini boss in the map where you were stood ( but it could only attack defences or you not the crystal) Super slow mode wave - reduced enemies but everything moves really slowly even you! ( used to love picking up a bow that had negative speed on dd1 and could run faster than my arrows) The floor is lava mode - you have to parkour around a map - every time you touch the floor a few more enemies spawn or it heals enemies in the map Mini apocalypse - all enemies that spawn are super small and super fast! Gicanta mode - enemies that spawn are all really big - lots of health and really slow! Horde mode - some enemies that spawn completely ignore defences and just hunt you down Random timer - a timer ticks down every 30 seconds - upon doing so a random boss spawns at a random entrance to the map Healing hell - enemies that spawn all have a healing aspect ( recover xhp a second) Ticking Time bomb - a special enemy spawns adding a bomb to x amount of defences - a timer begins - if the enemy isn't destroyed in the timer those defences explode DPS/DU seesaw - the more DU you use the less damage you deal -- don't use as much DU deal more damage Hero heaven - each wave enemies are immune to a certain character (in your deck) you must change to another character ( including towers) to kill them Mirror mirror - controls are reversed for some time ( down is up , left is right etc) Confused enemies - randomly an enemy swaps teams - he attacks enemies and on death spawns a random tower ( can go over the du cap ) Trick Or Treat at the end of each wave you have a choice of opening a box - this can give you mana, du, speed, or cause more enemies to spawn in a lane or even activate any of the mutators perhaps! I could do this all day.... Elementalists - enemies that spawn are immune or can damage in a certain element. Pogo gogo - enemies have a chance to completely absorb damage but to take recoil and bounce off surfaces Deflective walls - walls deflect bullets up to x amount of times Raining enemies - enemies fall from the sky rising dead - enemies spawn from the ground target practice - certain enemies spawn completely invulnerable except for a small target area they have on their person Catch me if you can - enemies become scared and run out of the map - then they return at another door That's all for now - i need sleep :D
  15. You can upgrade to get higher loot but considering the difference it makes for the cost its not worth it! May as well keep them none upgraded as you get new loot every wave (almost)
  16. i also did this, Except i only used 2 blockades in each lane - one not too far off the spawns and then my usual defence. you find that by the time they broke through the first barriers there wasn't many kobolds left. Of course depending on your health of the blockades depends on how many you may need!
  17. i find that as waves progress - the lag gets worse. On certain maps in certain areas it becomes almost impossible to move. Remastered glitterhelm when you head to the top of the map is like suicide. You lag into the gaps in the bridge and feel like you need some motion sickness tablets at the other side! Me and my friend actually have arguments about who is going repairing the towers!
  18. hmmmm that would be something you think they would announce right? I mean - we saves money - we gives trendy money... NO BRAINER!
  19. You're banned for double posting .... Oh wait...
  20. What are Gem sales?............. There is such a thing that exists?
  21. Hi Again! Ok welcome to the world of making a mule my friend! Have a character ( that you dont build with or dps with ) and have them equip all the best gear. Now, what determines "best" gear.... well that seems to be the sell value of the item. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BpIL2xG-Z6_q7pMGFfyI2OSwHwF1uLZ0bd8FkksWmZs/edit#gid=0 This link will show you the sell values of each rarity of item. The idea is - as something drops - compare it with the items on your mule - a legendary worth 250 is not as good as an epic worth 200 so make sure you compare properly using the spreadsheet! Make sure you always compare between waves as well and equip items as you go along - this will ensure the next wave drops better gear. i know its not the most fun way, just farming over and over, but, its currently the best way of gearing up i found. I have only been playing casually at the moment ( so to not get too bored ) managed to get to chaos 4 in probably 4 hours if that! Now i am starting to feel like chaos 5 is knocking at the door. Remember - all the best gear goes on the Mule - if worse or matching drops - then equip to your tower and dps toons. happy farming! EDIT: link wasn't working - just copy and paste to browser. Also you may need to save the sheet as your own document so you can edit! i had to
  22. ^^^^ man you are one brave dungeoneer... *sharpens pitchfork* XD
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