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  1. Every weapon has three speeds, Ranged weapons use "I, II, and III" I being the slowest, II is normal, and III is the fastest. Same goes for melee characters only they have "Heavy, Medium, and Light"
  2. Positive, I'm setting poison darts behind the enemies and the walls have only fallen in lanes when I'm not there and only within the first 30 seconds xD
  3. I'm currently in Chaos 5. Before the patch I managed to get through Chaos 5 with ease, however after the match my blockades seem... off xD I'm not sure if it's the wall or an enemy of some sort but randomly my walls drop within 30 seconds of the wave start. Not always the same wave either, sometimes it's wave 3 other times it's 5. The strangest part is they're taking little damage in the prior waves. It's highly possible to be a glitch with the Lady Orcs as I haven't had this problem in any lower Chaos yet. Will test to find out soon xD
  4. Perhaps a side leaning vine like tree, could work better. Though I honestly don't mind what they do so long as they increase it's block length.
  5. I agree. I just strongly dislike when players join and sit still whether I need help or not xD
  6. These treasures can be very helpful, especially in chaos. I however can't understand how they currently work. First off, getting green or blue chests are kind of crazy and completely unfair in chaos. My suggestion is to remove green all together for higher leveled matches and add in a simple system. Here's how I think it should work: Whoever Builds the most towers should automatically get a gold, along with whoever deals the most damage. For the other two players I suggest something interesting, make a minimum damage requirement which if passed will always reward you with a purple chest. If not passed the player gets a blue. So to sum up afkers would get blue, and players who deal decent DPS will get purple. Highest DPS gets gold, and builder gets gold as well. It would also be entirely possible for the builder to do the highest DPS and get the astounding reward of a pat on the back! (Or an achievement) This suggestion would stop some players from lazing around and motivate them to try while simultaneously rewarding those who are "carrying" the team. I would love to hear some constructive feedback :)
  7. I'm not quite sure how to link videos so this link might work xD https://1drv.ms/v/s!AoUsvOoGfRYQbLK0-Z1zYjQ0KBU
  8. And I believe there should not be items at all and we would compete for ladder ranking:fastest win,least damage received etc... And pvp where you send monsters to attack enemy team who survives longer wins. Everyone has his own idea about what would be best :^) It is up to devs what we really see tho. I think the items help the players feel like they are progressing, whereas a ladder of tasks such as "least damage received" would cause more AFKers :) I also believe a PVP would ruin the game, people would either send hate mail or throw matches in spite. This game is much more about teamwork :)
  9. Depends on how they do it, if they set a specific team aside to port it then they wouldn't slow down progression on the current game :)
  10. Because players got away with modding, and if you don't want a modder in your lobby you could remove them or leave :) One easily avoided detail doesn't stop the fun and charm of such a great game xD
  11. I've seen this idea tossed around a couple times, and I personally would love it! I'd love to see the original Dungeon Defenders come to Xbone and PS4 but not the versions we had on PS3 and 360. I'd like consoles to finally have a chance at the added characters and costumes that were never available to us :) I'm sure I'm not the only console player who feels this way and would gladly purchase it again ;)
  12. I've never seen it drop from mobs yet, but I have seen it at the blacksmith quite a few times :)
  13. I was just playing The Throne Room and Chaos III when the strangest thing happened. We were holding the mobs back easily, no wyvern in sight when my crystal randomly went kaboomy xD I even got it recorded on Xbox, no enemy broke through it just blew up without taking damage prior xD
  14. It's from a shard on your heroes chest called "Annoyance" it taunts enemies every couple of seconds.
  15. I've had the glitch occur on the map "Dragonfall Sewers" twice now, second time was intentional to see why it happens. They seem to wig out most when in tight corridors. The slimes tried to work, then some gave up, then the rest attacked specifically larger enemies, then gave up too lol In case it helps the tower that stopped working was pushed against a ledge where the enemies were passing by on the other side. When I moved them up away from that spot they went back to work :)
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