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  1. I am not sure if i am the only one on this boat but i believe quality of mods Tier 9-8-7 should be more meaningfully different rather than be pretty much the same.
  2. Funnily on Pc ive only ever encountered 1 toxic person in my 3 years of playing this game, i dont think the decline of this game is due to a toxic community, the steam charts are in reference to Pc players i believe. If trendy really want to sorting things out they better start making meaningful changes and most importantly start investing into more marketing. These are some of the problems 'i' believe need addressing in the game: Pets are just a fifth ability, go drag or go home Hero market place redundant, everyone buys in lobby, limited time/playersDividing an already small dwindling co
  3. During these quite periods trendy need to throw in some mini events to draw people back into the game, some weekend event maybe or monthly rewards.... something
  4. you should join the dd2 discord, you will get allot of pointers there
  5. i just wish trendy did something to draw more people into the game, steam charts shows avg800 players a month of which X amount are ALTS.
  6. Earth+Fire+Water+Wind= Unleash the Avatar !..... i called it first XD
  7. Me personally i use the following: Roller: Goblin Dmg, Mini-boss Dmg, Chaos Dmg Omega Bosses: Miniboss Dmg, Anti-melee, Choas Dmg WepMan: Anti-melee, Controller, Shocking Rev Frost orc: Anti-Melee, Frost Dmg, 8+Rate/Tenancity 100% well these are some i used when i pushing floors,
  8. The dryad trees are honestly an awesome defence, the fact they cost 20du makes them one of my most used walls which i pack with power pylon. This type of wall offers variation on lanes which do not need a 30du walls such as those seen in draken keep, furthermore if you manage to maximise its range it offers great utility by helping heal heroes. i mean its not the staple wall to be used in every lane but it offers variety and choice.
  9. so you are saying that you guys where aware a replay button was needed when you designed the map but because of "technical issues" you decided to release the map anyways since there is no correcting it :/.... just a little confused
  10. it was not a technical issue, its a design flaw, like i keep reiterate my self when the temple or matter fact any onslaught map was conceptualised such a simple idea that would avoided irksome play should've been considered, i mean you think to yourself someone spends hour or so running one floor (3maps) and loses at the end thus they need to restart, like come on you telling this was a bright idea and no -one thought of the repercussions, you trying to say they created it blindly thinking people would actually enjoy this and had no contingency plans aside from telling us there was a technic
  11. Aside from mods, something definitely needs to be done with shards. All the power that I have in shards was due to the fact that I grinded RNG for Months. A fact that I was reminded whenever I do think of new player experience in some way. The only comfortable solution (to us players) I could see is to implement shard crafting. That's the counterbalance to RNG. Something for us to work towards to instead of mindlessly grinding. Shard crafting would simply add another layer to the grind, inventory management and probably the rng just think about it. If you want a Max c8 relic you need 250 p
  12. So you would have been okay waiting several more months for one map floors? Among the many other changes that came with this patch. Because I dont believe many would agree. whether many agree or not i am no position to establish that , personally i strongly believe on not playing a broken game which you spend your time just be frustrated. If it takes trendy “several more months” that’s an issue on trendy’s part. During design and testing phase most obvious features/issues should of been picked up instantly and formulated a plan to address them ,rather than releasing and discouraging many
  13. Huh? What do you mean by that? Is it that some aspect of this thread is too late in some way? Or that the addition of replaying wave at The Lost Temple arriving at the upcoming update next week too late as enough players has been put off? Just curious for no reason. i just wish trendy would recognise implementing the very obvious before dropping major changes rather than putting people off and make them go through a roller coaster of frustration. #FrustrationIsNotFun
  14. As "challenging" it was, I will have to excessively disagree on that. It's bad enough that we have a reset system that resets our loot. Having a reset system that reset THAT!? That one gamemode that I was relieved to complete stripped of it's progression!? That's an absolute killer. NO amount of mass destruction or viscious strikes would ever appeal that idea to me ever. gotta agree with pal here, it was bad enough finding a lobby trying to complete this when it was most popular god forbid this became a part of the resets
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