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  1. Dec 1st!, awesome, just in time to bash over my xmas holidays!, although i have just started bashing fallout 4 too!!, ahh first world problems!
  2. Can we please have the ability to "lock" items in our inventory by pressing r3 or something to stop accidental sales? (i did this twice). And also a "sell all" option for the temporary items bag would be cool thank you
  3. Did you get 10,000 gems on top of your original 3,000? I got the Starter and the Collector's pack. I got 2.000 and then 10.000 gems, so yes, the gems "stack". Thank you!, this is the answer i have been looking for on the forums for days now!! :) , guess ill be making a purchase now.
  4. Hello defenders. Firstly, its good to be back in the tavern!, secondly i have searched for my subject and could not find a similar thread, so apologies if i am repeating a thread here. My issue is with lack of communication on the battle field, most players have a preferred way of setting up their towers, and when a new player/a player they are not familiar with starts laying towers, boosts or traps, the group leader/tower builder start pinging the map like crazy, leading to votes to kick etc. As far as i am aware, all new ps4's come with a basic in ear bud with microphone, and realistically
  5. Hello Trendy. I have purchased the Early access defenders packon the PS4 that comes with 3000 gems, 4 accs, and two additional hero slots. I am considering buying the collectors edition for the 10,000 gems and costumes, but will i receive another two additional slots on top of the two from the defenders pack totalling 4 additional slots? Thanks for your time FSL
  6. Now this is thinking like an intelligent gamer... i've been playing DD for AGES and i've always gone down the obvious route, dealing as much base damage and dps as possible, but having read these posts i think ill re-consider. Im sick of getting sucked into the "how much DPS can you do on the tavern dummies" thing. its about time i got involved in the "not dying every time the ancient dragon gives me a peck on the cheek" thing, im gonna farm a new set on misty and remap my DPS character to be DPS/resistant hard boiled steven segal muddy funsters! thanks for the inspiration!
  7. OMG i am so gutted! :( after a week of excitement and anticipation of my first console event, i sat there waiting for my invite, and when it came through i clicked on it and it just came up with the message "attempt to join from invite failed"!!!! :S whaaa????..... what a complete let down, and waste of my time this all was!, i even bought a headset so i could participate!!. Worst thing is, when my attempt to join failed there was no way for me to contact the team of peeps sending out the invites to let them know... i am bitterly disappointed, and now , what with this and all the constant game
  8. My game froze too!!!....this is my first console event, please, please send me another invite!!.. it wouldnt let me join :(((((((
  9. PSN: FATsweatyLOSER Bring on the big nappy wearing ogres!!!!
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