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  1. It's a normal map game *BUT* have special thing that will be happening such as: When you Upgrade it finish *and it tell you*, Na That game you to much unlucky that upgrade been canseledsometime some orge will come *and it tell you*, The orge lost his way And it find you... Not your lucky daysometime Stun the deffence(for 20 sec or 1 round/wave) *and it tell you*, These deffence need a BreakThe deffence Shoot you(without the option to sell it or fight it back) *and it tell you*, The Tower drunk Go home... you can write if you like it or not and add new options just think.
  2. i got 2 winter items (same item for wiz) can i switch one of them for other class? i got them from the Christmas tree
  3. what the Command list of that game?
  4. I suggest do some Pet that have Skill: Skill Instance Repair Deffence in the 5,10,15,20 meter (levels 0-10,10-25,25-45-45-60) Cool down: 30,25,20,15 second (each level)
  5. i really did 26(dead on) waves to find 1 token, earn 0 tokens.... http://i.imgur.com/gLsitns.jpg
  6. what your daily? add me on steam:asafgb i will help you complete the hard dailyes :) just for the record: you can change 1 daily per day AND ONLY AT YOUR FIRST LOGIN (when you login on each day you can, after that if you choose no to change your cant untill tommorrow)
  7. hmm, yea, sounds like either: 1.- Your CTRL key isn't working properly 2.- You have lagg so you're dropping the mana with delay no that and no that, i use control on most of time on computer (ctrl+c/v) and no laggy, after like 3-4 times it droped it, i think the game key record are have some issue on recognize the key press
  8. one thing before: on the wininning each map, did you win each map on each difficult like the first and the scond map on easy,normal(50+,100+,200+,500+)?? only then it gain to 100%
  9. no alt not working, ctrl working sometimes
  10. option it not recognize that i press on ctrl+m but when i press on 'm' it working may you check it?
  11. think about do pets with speciail ability but passive and not active like: auto health (100 per second)every 5 second gain 5x dmgpeople can think about more
  12. i know that was update been said that can extend the pet beg to 85 slots? how i do that?
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