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  1. psn piratron1 mage 71 tower squire 71 tower monk 70 tower huntress under construction XD (49)
  2. we should get costumes like pc have i mean we pay for the game like them no the exact amount of money but we pay no for revolution and no to offense the company or any player its not that is because pc allways have everything and in the and we get the stuff and with errors seriusly not cool my point is i know is a new dlc coming and with the dlc is the new patch but if you going to troll us again the console gamers you going to loose fame like the other games with names i not going to mention plz fix the freeze issue thanks and good luck ps eliminate the enemy trigger counter yo
  3. me 2 i wanted this dlc and hope to fix the froze issues
  4. But by clearing it you can decrease the chance of crashing or freezing your game, so worth the wait :) im subscirbed to these vids also! they are coool! thanks man i wonder if there is any good way to lvl up a little more faster i mean i buy the xp bonus and is very useful but im 76 know and i wan to get better thanks and yea i going to the link and subscribe
  5. i like the way this goes but bad news im cleaning my ps3 hdd space of useless junk and i cant play know but i going to check the vid wile the hdd finish hes dirty job lol what its up is down psn piratron1
  6. in my opinion will be better to have he free aim thing the pc have i mean like the mouse is the aim that would be sweet sweet... (what is up is down) psn: piratron1
  7. i wan to be in the first one at least try psn: piratron1
  8. hi my psn is piratron1 and every time i try to get a giraffe a stupis pice of ogre destroy everithing i try too many set ups and the thing is my stats is on 200 almost all my tower heroes and a frien give me a girraff but its not he same you lvl up you own. im online right know thanks
  9. psn: piratron1 :mage: :apprentice:(dps under construction) 136/158/62/68 :huntress:(trap under construction) 154/170/73/60 :monk:(aura under construction) 165/240/91/95 :squire: (tower almost ready) 151/178/97/98
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