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  1. Today I got a very good++genie so I cancel the bid, sorry
  2. The bid exceeded my expectation, so Congratulations.
  3. +sapphire 25 =130 on genie
  4. Gaia + Cavalry + Mask of the legends 45.35.25=105 genie
  5. I’m not a native speaker so this post maybe full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry about that. I have a friend who used to play DD, now he quit playing and passes most of his items to me. But when I’m about to have some of those items checked in order to sell them, I’m surprised to find my friend is already marked as “crazy hacker” by the community. And I’m told by one item checker: “I’ll never IC items from a hacker.” As a friend in my real life and I clearly know he’s not a hacker so I argue with some community members, and ask them to provide evidence to accuse him. Then what I get is: 1. He wears hacked armor. 2. He used to sell hacked items and claims it’s farmed by him. 3. He has xxxx.com in his friend list. Though I know it’s effortless but still I want to explain at here again. He DID buy one set of armors from the xxxx.com which this the only thing against the policy. But that still can’t link him as a hacker. He’s just a victim of the hacked armor. If someone insist you should not buy items for real money or something out of the game, then I would ask why. There’s no such warning in game or on steam store page, only from a post in one of the forum section. And most players even don’t know the forum. It’s just their choice to exchange items for anything they want. I myself once sold some mana tokens for several steam trading cards. It’s against the rule, so ban me please! Then why does he have so many hacked items? If you check his steam profile, you’ll find he also played as “职业倒卖”, which means “professional businessman” in Chinese. Like the alias, he spends most of his time shopping, buying with low price and selling with high price. He seldom farm himself, only boss rush and CD. So most of his items are bought from others with extremely low price, in which case may be hacked one. But how can he know it? He’s new to this game (he started playing on Mar 8), and has no idea what a hacked item is like. Even I can’t tell most weapons if they are hacked not to mention him. And that will perfectly explain why he claims all those items are farmed by himself. Imagine one asks you, “where did you get this?” You reply, “I bought it from others for xxxx”. Lol, how can I make money by saying so? At this time, “farmed by myself” can solve everything. Because he’s really good at shopping so he has tons of items, and his floor is always full. So there’re plenty of them lying in his inventory. But those community members told me, he just making another hacked item when one is sold. It’s not true. It’s just lying in his item box. Someone said they’ve already told him his items are hacked but he didn’t listen, so he must be a crazy hacker. But think about being a new player, someone came and told you your item which was bought from others is hacked, what’s your reaction? Believe him or not? How can I tell if you are a pro player or just playing a joke on me? I think it’s quite reasonable to ignore him and continue searching for another potential buyer. And he’s completely a computer noob. He even needs my help to set up a controller in order to farm with split screen. How can he know the hack skill? I can definitely promise he’s not a hacker, but just an unaware hacked items user. Sadly the community doesn’t agree with me. Because they have so many “evidence”. I’m speechless, I can’t refute. I know if someone thinks you are a bad guy, you ARE a bad guy no matter what you do, no matter what you say. The community’s logic is like: if you have one hacked item, you probably a hacker; if you have multiple, you MUST be a hacker. That sounds like: you ARE a murder if you have a killing knife, no matter where do you get this, bought in the shop or picked it up in the underbrush. You can’t defender yourself, it’s ironclad. Now I remember the event item auction happening the trading section. The op can’t provide a trace so he’s attacked by most members. HE IS A HACKER. But in fact trading event item without providing a trace is very common in game. One can not be a hacker just because he bought something from others. I recall the early days when I join the forum. I found a lot of useful guides here, accepted other’s suggestions. I really had a happy time playing this game on both mobile and pc. I was using Motorola Milestone when the 1st version came out. But my cellphone can’t handle it because it required at least 512Mb memory. So I bought myself a Nexus S. And some months later, the 2nd wave version enrolled, it’s intense in some of the later levels like monsterfest and royal garden, my Nexus S can’t handle again. Then I bought a Galaxy Nexus……. That was really happy time and I enjoy it. But now the community shows its cruel side. Maybe the hack issue drives everyone crazy, the whole community is full of offensive. Everyone is trying to dig out a new “hacker” and others start to bite him, with little evidence. I’m gradually feeling tried, boring, sad and nervous. I don’t know if someday they will bite me because I post a screenshot in trading section. I know it’s time to say goodbye. Registration date: 4/11/2011, today: 4/16/2014. 4 years pass by, I need to start a new life.:apprentice::squire::huntress::monk:
  6. According to op c/o is 20 cubes. And, i just want to try my luck ^_^
  7. have a sparus with capped dmg, add me on steam if u r still interested.
  8. 2 cubes on G3, H1, I2 each.
  9. 1 cube on [[499,hashtags]] and [[284,hashtags]] each, 2 cubes on [[502,hashtags]] For [[284,hashtags]] the hero dmg is +494 right? Your cursor just covers it. -_-
  10. U get bounty humter costume once u get transcendent survivalist achievement. Ev 1.75 from lab assault nmhc, and ev 1.5 from lab assault on any difficulty. PS: ev 1.75 has the longest air time, even longer than summoner. About 20 seconds.
  11. fox_hyx

    Item Check Thread

    IC pls, thank you. Those lv100 ones are all ult+
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