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  1. I wish SCEE didn't take so long with approving the update :( I just got back into DD after i lost all my characters and items but i'm having a blast so far! As soon as the update for PS3 Europe is finally out i'll be having even more fun :D
  2. This may have already been a post but there should be a second screen after the intial 'Are you sure you want to delete this character?'. Im making this post because i dropped my controller and when i picked it back up i pressed X as i thought i was changing character but i had just deleted my Squire. Luckily my Squire was only level 74 so it wont be that hard to level it back up, and its good that you keep the items you had on the character but what if it had been someone who had accidently deleted a level 83 character? Surely that would be enough for someone to stop playing this game as all
  3. i remember someone on the forums having a 132^ chicken That would be me :)
  4. Oh forgot to ask. Is it super sized? Like bigger than your character? 132 upgrades would lead me to believe it's as big as the tavern fully upgraded. If so that would be one helluvan awesome black "Angry Bird". Nah its just normal size, if you havr ps3 i can show you? My PSN is: xSeiizure-
  5. My pre-patch chicken = 43^ Was good at the time. Now it's just garbage. But it's a nice cyan color. Very bright and happy looking :) Mines black, it looks a lot like an 'Angry Bird'
  6. It all depends on how you look at it. If you wanted a full DPS pet, then you are screwed as the damage your pet could have done was incredibly high as you have a chicken with many more upgrades than the average joe. Pre-patch tops was around 3K, but with 74-83 gear, you can see 5k+ on pets, so your chicken will not be able to compete damage wise with teh next tier. On the other hand, you have made a nice hybrid that gives a wonderful boost to HA. If using a DPS character that uses a base damage weapon, this will make them more powerful. The amount you get per HA upgrade dinimishes rather
  7. Haha true. lol. At least you got a chicken better than my friend did: pink chicken with 11 upgrades xD OMG XD i would of been so annoyed.
  8. 132^ ? i think TE should really fix our pre patch chicken.. Id rather they fixed Aquanos. Why release something that isnt ready :S
  9. 132 UPGRADES??!! LUCKY! But I think that if you put all of those upgrades into base damage, that would be a super chicken. :D I spent a good 30mins thinking on what to upgrade xD. I was gonna put 125 into hero damage but thought best not to risk it, least now when i hit 78 (75 atm) i should have around 450+ hero damage :P
  10. I got my chicken 2 days ago and it had 132 upgrades. It took around 6billion to upgrade fully (last upgrade needing 154m). I upgraded it so that it had 100 into hero damage and then i put the rest into base damage. Was this the wrong move? Should i have put it all into base damage? It has about 3.4k base damage and its worth about 45-50m (this is from memory, dont hold me to it). I worked out if i had put it all into base damage it would have around 10k base damage. I might just make a new account and get another platinum, now that i know how to get all the trophies it shouldnt take lo
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