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  1. Ok guys. I rest my Case here. If you could beat morragio and aquanos on insane than i can Do it to. And yes i love this game but i aint got all time in thworld but Guess i can make it to 74 with my characters and work my way up. I also read that the old weapons are now uppgraded to level 74 78. Theres a usefull thing i didnt now about:)
  2. Its so frustrated that the developers havent Think of this when the latest patch came out. If your going to beat Moraggio Desert or Aquanius on insane or even at Hard you need to be at that level. I Think the experience that you have to gain to get there are to much. The time to get to level 78 are just to Long. Anybody Else who feels the same? Im tired of it anyhow :/
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