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  1. Wow! I'd say at least 15 cubes easy if it passes item check
  2. Update - I got 199 numbers drawn and on my puush account. I started putting them into a spreadsheet and my puter that has excel on it took a crap. Thus I have to go buy a new copy of office to put on my regular computer. I hope to get it sorted today while I am helping host. I am on my way to the store to get the software now. You have to get excel on a disk? O.o
  3. Since I really hate building in DD, I've decided to mostly run Lab Assault and am in need of a decent BF Drill. I would prefer it to have at least 25k+ damage and positive hero health and damage. I don't know how much they are worth, so I'm trusting you guys not to rip me off ;) My steam is [4K-Ghost] OfLight Thanks!
  4. As far as the EV leveling goes, 83 is only a few runs of td. The only thing I did when I played before was Aqua survival. My brain is too small to remember any other builds. I just don't like to learn builds, which is probably part of the reason I'm having trouble getting back into the game.
  5. Ideally, you would have a mix of all defenses, but IMO, monk auras are the best, followed by harps.
  6. Depends on what you mean by OP. The char that can do the most DPS in one hit is barb, EV can do the most DPS for a short period of time, and monk does the most consistent dps with hero boost, while jester has the most consistent dps with no boosts
  7. I'll buy the Sup set for 10 cubes. SID: [4K-Ghost] OfLight
  8. So I really want to start playing again, but find it very hard each time I get on. However, I find that is due mostly to me not having sets for all of my characters. I am thinking about buying some new ones, and possibly selling some of my event items, but don't know how much they are worth. Without further delay, here are the event items I would appreciate a price check on. Armguards of Hate Armguards of Deforestation Jason Mask Bling Blings Dirty Stieg Genie Hat Selda items (do these still go for like one cube?) Thanks! Also, I would be willing to pay someone who will le
  9. I'd say more than 600 cubes worth in value, but chances are you'd be getting hacked cubes and event items for them. I would keep it, and then give them to me when you die.
  10. cause you're gonna miss me when I'm gone. Aaaaand stuck in my head :/
  11. I too have a mac, and have experienced a similar problem. First of all, have you tried waiting mat least 3 minutes at the frozen screen for it to un-freeze? My game froze every time I launched it, but for no more than 1-2 minutes. Second, try launching it in a window, not fullscreen, and lower all the graphics as much as you can from the configuration menu. If the game still freeze's permanently at launch, something is probably wrong with your game, and uninstalling and re-installing your game may fix this (I've found that uninstalling Steam, but keeping library data and then re-downloading it
  12. Also, they completely changed DD2, ad we no longer have access to the beta if you did before :(
  13. I remember getting my first cube! Got so excited because I knew I could get at least 3 procks for it and actually get past wave 15 throne room survival. Beating the summit challenge map was a pain, but I actually made a good friend doing it. Overall, 1st cube is the best cube you will ever get, all the others don't seem as authentic :/
  14. I feel like in order to do this, the tower that did the ensnaring would be way overpowered, or underpowered. Also, to give each class a tower that does the same thing defeats the purpose of having to switch and use all characters IMO.
  15. I'm going all out squire. Why? Because he's awesome! I will most likely focus on towers, but the first few games I play may change my mind
  16. I have no idea try zooming out and in? Please do not bump old threads. This thread is over a year old and no longer relevant. Thank you ;)
  17. Did I Ask If They Released It? No I Asked When It Will Release. I believe AK was stating that they had not released the release date yet
  18. LOL, umm banned for still posting when you know I will catch you anyways Banned for making me feel insecure
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