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  1. Banned for depending too heavily on a random stranger to make you happy. Banned for questioning what makes me happy :(
  2. This will buy a capping myth set, which is decent. However, a good trans trans set is what you want, but those can cost up to a cube for very good ones (100~ billion mana). However, browse some shops, and you can find some nice trans pieces, probably not capping, for 400-600 million, and eventually piece together a set.
  3. Maybe, I was just wondering, because I'd be curious to see her animation if she could get bows with really fast AS. I feel like if the bows do shoot as fast as some do in DD, and they manage to actually keep the animation up to speed with it, it will be the most hilarious derpy animation ever. Or it could be great. Who knows!
  4. I'm not sure exactly what the ladder reset in Diablo is like, but I have played a few games where every 2-3 months it resets all of your gear and just keeps your statistics. I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about, but if it is, there was nothing that made me more frustrated than getting really far, and then having everything disappear.
  5. A little offtopic, but I am pretty sure you are both females. On that note, I hope both of you Madame's are successful in your quests. Pretty sure it's siress, not madame :D
  6. I'll be surprised if I make it to 4500, the curtain is just about to come down. Banned for making me sad :(
  7. Chris has a good point. For all we know, there may only be 3 speeds on a bow, and they just keep getting more damage.
  8. The DDItemCheckandTrading group is also very friendly, and should help you start up
  9. 1 cube brownie 4 cubes Old Ones Stache
  10. Just casually found a few hundred spare items O.o Thanks again for doing the giveaway, people like you are why I play. (Mostly for the free items :D)
  11. The best map to level up your squire depends on whether you have any other characters. If you only have a squire, I would say Throne Room. However, if you have other characters, I would do Glitterhelm on hard or insane, depending if you can build within the time limit or not
  12. The garbage can in the background is overflowing. Just so you know
  13. I feel like what you are suggesting is basically a re-skin of any of the other damages and effects. However, if their was some unique sort of debuff, I would be all for adding any kind of damage/effect, as long as it was practical, and not crazy OP.
  14. I have some, add me on steam, link in sig
  15. Yes, you just need to be on that builder when the wave starts
  16. Two more question, insane hc or nmhc? survival or pure strat? They come from beating the map in regular mode. NM will get you better ones, but you can get decent myths and maybe a trans from time to time on insane.
  17. This little thing called math told me you are horribly horribly wrong. Also I have played endgame DD It is you that haven't. You leached. You can't play as jester without leaching. Unless you already beat what your doing and have great gear on the jester. Jester has the best ranged dps, and second best all around dps in the game. Add to that the crazy amount of health and speed she has, and you have one of the, if not the best dps character in the game
  18. It can be, there are people who I have taken a liking to over the years. With a little help up they are now sitting pretty. However, the two people I remember you helping out with crazy amounts of stuffs left the game for a long time. Beware free stuffs from Eagle, it carries a curse.
  19. I think he's not wanting DD1 gear to move into DD2, but to use items in DD1 to trade for items in DD2. the items would still remain in DD1 of course. I believe he's wanting to know if such a trade would violate TOS. Yes, this is what I meant, thank you for clarifying.
  20. Yes, Bare, I drove by yours too. Long time no see Madame. O.o I feel like I should move far far away because Eagle has probably driven past my house as well...
  21. Banned for not having the desire to try PC. Banned for not having the desire to try Mac. :(
  22. I was wondering if we would be able to trade items from between DD with items from DD2. I know having an actual feature to do this would be a pain, but will trading items between the two games be against the ToS? For instance, if Articuno had his Armguards of Earth in DD that I want, and I have my super rare Pew-Pew Staff (not an actual confirmed weapon) in DD2 that Articuno wants, will I be able to fire up DD2 when Art is on, gives him my Pew-Pew Staff, and then go onto DD and have Art give me his Earth's? I know this is physically possible, but would it be violating the terms of service from
  23. How do you know you won any? Eagle posted numbers on the front page. Assuming all of the entries were by people who used all 13 entries, the average each person should get is 4 prizes.
  24. I won three prizes according to my calculations :D
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