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  1. Oh goodness, 300 cubes! I may be able to top that depending on what friends I pester, but I think Person has more than that. WHY AM I SO POOR-ish???
  2. GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!!! ALL WINNERS MUST SEE EAGLE TO COLLECT PRIZES 'N STUFF So first things first, thank you to Eagle for donating stuff and things for this giveaway. (I haven't actually talked to him about what stuffs and things yet, so actual prizes will be announced later) Second things second, this post will be my 5,000th! In celebration of this momentous occasion, I am having a giveaway! Here's how it's going to work: Each question is worth a prize. Get a question right and you win a prize. You may enter as many times as you want, but may win no more than 3 times. You may not mass g
  3. Banned for not making sure they are PC. Banned for not considering teh console events
  4. This happens pretty much everytime I jump from a railing. Didn't know it was a glitch...
  5. Tinks gets so boring haha, I have other things that are worth much more than this. But they are dear to me ♥ But thanks anyways Kind Sir :) *Whisper* The ponies are calling *Whisper*
  6. I will be posting a clue on Wednesday. I havent decided if I am going to reveal a hint or just a bigger screen. Which 2 pictures still haven't been found? I don't want to look through the thread trying to figure it out :P
  7. Oh, now you added you want to see the set... Yep, consider this entry disqualified. No way I'm trying to do this again.
  8. Took me more than 10 minutes just to find his original gear after all this :D
  9. Someone actually likes the 5k mobs per wave in survival? O.o I feel like the chaos of so many mobs just made it more time consuming, and less fun, especially when you could AFK it anyways.
  10. Steam ID: [4K-Ghost] OfLight Link to Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WillTradeCookiesForCubes/
  11. If you installed the game from the App Store on your computer, you ahve to log into gamespy in order to play. Gamespy is a legit company, and won't steal yoru children
  12. By necromancer do you mean summoner? I would recommend getting a jester and a decent bf drill, and then doing lab assault on insane. This should give you lots of myths, and a trans or two every few runs.
  13. The top 25 people who can prove they love you the most. That is a surprisingly good idea! Whoever gives me the most cubes gets a prize from Eagle!!!
  14. This thread explains it. http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?104826-Dungeon-Defenders-II
  15. You hold the giveaway, I will supply ya with 25 items. They can come to me for collection, just post a thread with the winners. Oh, wow, awesome! Now I have to come up with some kind of giveaway...
  16. Hey there forums! So I'm probably going to hit 5k posts sometime in the next week. I want to do soemthing special to celebrate this momentous occasion. I was thinking of doing a giveaway, but can only get 4-5 trans sets together :( Any ideas of what I could do for a 5k post would be awesome! Thanks! :D
  17. Banned for being to darn emotional. Banned for telling me what I am.
  18. I would say go 3k in hero damage, and 1k in boost. It depends if you actually use the boost (I forget I'm a monk, and rarely use it) and if you're just going to be killing ogres with your monk. If you're just killing ogres, you might as well go 50-50 on damage and boost because you're only going to be using your monk against ogres, and presumably using hero boost.
  19. "Event Items not accepted" :( There goes half my wealth GL to all bidding, and you should give them to me if you win ;)
  20. Turkey Hunt and Temple of Love aren't required for Ult Defender. Maybe Silent Night as well, is that the one on WW? Source: I have Ult Defender, and none of those achievements.
  21. 3 cubes Vile Lord's Clutch (Not sure how much it's worth, so sorry if I'm lowballing it)
  22. Banned for not understanding what a question is. I did not ask if anything, I made a declarative statement. Banned for declaring things that make me sad :(
  23. Items would be deleted with the character. Items are the only measure of progression in Dungeon Defenders. I can make a new character and have it to 80 in under an hour. To 70 in four hours if I start from level 1 with zero mana. Leveling is a joke. However, you can do the in DD, where you know all the maps and where you get the best exp. Would a new DD player be able to do that in 4 hours? No. What you're suggesting is that we drive off all the people who aren't 110% serious about the game
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