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  1. When you stole from Fuzion or dama? I forgot which one it was. Or a different person completely. I stole from Dama and Fuzion :D But I gave back to Dama. But that's not the answer
  2. Why can't there be more? Because the government will steal your house if there are more
  3. 37 bids in O.o Why can't there be less people?
  4. Why are you making a sharp stick for your little brother? Everyone needs a sharp stick in their life.
  5. Banned cause you should have hit family up for money like Star did. Banned for encouraging taking money from people
  6. Bump for Rizz The ponies still want you
  7. Why even post? He offers taht on everything
  8. You guys should turn the Imp pet into an enemy that sabotages players towers (Towers would be down for a certain period of time). Or slowly drains tower health. Kind of like a djinn, except slowly drains.
  9. I was sure i had gotten number 7 right :( Pretty much everyone guessed oNightPineberries :D I do follow his channel, but he wasn't the first. Hint: Look at my name. Link things together, look at groups. O.o
  10. that was practice for the game, a warm up lol However, some people who had picked up their copy of GTA5 at the midnight releasse saving an old man from his burning house.
  11. 9 "Bomberman, first game I ever played, and will <3 forever. And I'm talking old school version." Yay, someone actually found it! And while I love bomberman, it's not my favorite console game :P Ghost, space out the Op some. Especially between the questions. You could maybe color code the the questions that have been answered. Also, post that winners need to contact me on steam. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! You're not my real mom! *Slowly goes back to OP and neatens it up*
  12. Also, is it true that people get shot and stabbed over consoles in some countries? It happened somewhere for the GTA5 release
  13. yes, they are traceable to me. You messaged me saying that your save corrupted and everything i gave you was lost. I was gracious enough to replace them for you and here you are 3 hours later selling them? oooohhhhhhhhhh snap!
  14. 12: Why did I choose to take French as a language over Spanish and Chinese? Canada YES! Turns out only a small percentage of Canada actually speaks French though... EDIT: I was looking for an about me thread I KNOW I posted somewhere that had 3-4 of the answers for these questions, but I couldn't find it. Either it was lost in the transition of forums, or it was posted in a thread not made by me. Either way, adds a new degree of difficulty :P
  15. 8: Fill in the blank: Angels may fly and Z's may run, but Ghosts, we _______ ________ _________. (3 words)Go through walls. Close enough! It's technically "run through walls" but this satisfies me ;)
  16. O.o I won a cube in in a contest like this from skydive :D Same day I won a cube in an RNG contest from Daniel Sound. Was the coolest kid on the forums then. Got 2 cubes for 2 bill :D Is this auction only accepting cubes for currency? Also, does 0 or negative count? O.o I tried that once...
  17. You and me both. Still one awesome Ult++ can change all that (if you sell it) Correction, If you get it. I've gotten an ult++ generic monk weapon that gets to 500 tdmg, so you could say I'm pretty awesome
  18. I already have a seat, but here's my feedback: 1. I think the ranged combat system was strong overall, but can't think of anything that really stood out to me. 2. The biggest weaknesses of the ranged combat system for me was that you could walk right up to an enemy, take almost no damage, and then kill that enemy 5x faster than actually being at a range. 3. Make projectiles do more damage from a distance (I think there was a gun like this in DD) 4. A projectile that does lots of damage, but shoots in a random direction. Hope this feedback was helpful!
  19. I don't even feel like 300 cubes is that much anymore. I feel like accumulating such wealth has become too easy. Poor economy. I'm obviously doing wealth wrong :(
  20. 9. Battle Toads Is Battle Toads an actual game? I always just assumed it was something 4chan made up. Also, should probably say my favorite current community member isn't Eagle.
  21. Yay, I win my own prize. Soo, I'm thinking [[500,hashtags]] should be a rainmaker. LOLOL, Yes, some prizes will be event items. I will rank prizes depending on how difficult Ghost and I decide the question is. They will range from at a minimum a cube to an event item(s). [[500,hashtags]] Was actually going to be my Armguard of Earth that I totally have, but if you want to give yourself a rainmaker instead, that's cool :D I'll try to rank the questions by difficulty sometime tonight. The bonus's are the hardest, and will result in you getting a prize significant to me (probably my first
  22. lol its a joke dude I guess my paint skills is awesome :D O.o I see it now.
  23. 21 shoutbox, 25: ToastNinjaFlying Yay, 2 correct answers! HINT: 6 and 8 are easier if you know 4. Which I'm 90% sure I put on the forums a long time ago :P
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