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  1. Banned because it is fun to read your name as warp it realty Banned because it didn't make me happy
  2. The giveaway is now closed! The missing answers that no one got were as following: 3: Commish 4: Exit Path (I swear there was an introduce yourself thread somewhere on the forums where I said this.) 5: EpicUnicorn (Believe it or not, used this first for Words with Friends :D) 6: GhostOfZero 11: Eagle with alot of numbers 18: Neptulon Bonus 1: Bumping a thread Classic specifically said not to bump. Bonus 2: I voted for myself twice in Daniel Sound's DD Music contest so I could beat Junbao :(
  3. 2. Th3GamingBull YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. GOod j0b
  4. Giveaway ends at 8:30pm est tonight. Anyone who wants to stay poor can get their items from Eagle and then give them to me :D
  5. Clue Number 3 - He is a former host. Which is actually two clues in one, because I said He. LOL So you eliminated the possibility of Bare and Bamboo with your second part of the clue, neither of whom have made a map, I think :D
  6. ill buy with all of my event items so far and all my cubes. Might want to list what they are
  7. Ghost: I believe FreeStylah called Throne Room on post 67. sorry mk... Ahh, thank you, I'll change that. 1. gmail Yay, good job!
  8. 17 Throne room Oh, you were also right about this :D
  9. How does it feel to live upside down? O.o
  10. Just a helpful hint: Commish and Keen have made quite a few maps. I would look through them, but you know, lazy.
  11. Namwich's item values, borrowed from Rizzo's item values, borrowed from Person's item values. O.o GL on the auction, remember when these were only 1 cube. Wish they did the egg hunt again :(
  12. Sweet When on a roll 22 Scandal Another one! O.o
  13. 15. Shield of Mirrors Correct! 14 Aquanos And correct!
  14. 24: [[2153,hashtags]] YES! Finally! [[2153,hashtags]]! 13. Star wars fat kid xD Still makes me laugh! Correct!
  15. Ouch. Negative rate and health will certainly hurt the price, but you'll still get quite a few cubes for it. I'd say maybe 5
  16. My name isn't blue and I'm part of the Council :(
  17. Q: What was the first youtube channel you followed A: Vicious Stahp getting all the answers!
  18. 23. Rugby Correct! Time for round two of guesses 10: Star Wars Battlefront Correct! And your #1 guess was the closest so far ;)
  19. 20. LEGO Universe Yay, good job you! I'll end this on Monday afternoon est
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