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  1. Why do you have two? I want one :D
  2. You could just make new characters and not play any of the DLC maps or not play on Nightmare. There is not a way to remove DLC's
  3. I would say it means that much to forum members who have the title "Defense Councillor" because of the ability to play in the pre-alpha build, getting to talk to the game developers, and having input into the development of the game. I'd rather have my Ultimate Defender title than Defense Councillor. Makes me feel more special :D
  4. Was going to bid my toxic empire set, but that's only worth 30 coal :/ Oh well
  5. Take a screenshot in Steam of your set. You can find out how to do that in your Steam settings. When exiting DD, a little Steam window should pop up with the screenshots you took that session, and ask if you want to upload them. Select them all and say yes. Then go to your steam profile and look at your uploaded screenshots. Click on the ones you want until you get the cloud.steampowered link for them. Copy that link and then paste it into the insert image option on the forums. I know Articuno has a more detailed guide somewhere
  6. I played my first 400~ hours of DD without knowing there were fast menu transitions. Didn't bother me that much, I personally thought it made the game look smoother. However, I can see how having the same slow transition over and over again would be very annoying.
  7. Well, don't forget Dredd, DarkPython, Alhanalem, Immortal, Iyashii, and Victoryoftheppl, LOL. Don't forget Classic, Neptulon, and Finally!
  8. sorry .... so i will get ban from the game ... And this, kids, is why we think before we speak!
  9. They can also ban you from the game, believe it or not!
  10. Hmmm .... i think it is kind of "unfair" for example if i have tons of cubes and i really want it i just bid like 400 cubes und 200 so im pretty sure i will get them. Just depends on how many you want to offer. Or did i get it wrong? It's not the average amount of cubes. It's the amount of cubes bid in the middle. For instance, if the only bds were 6, 7, 30, 40, and 400, the person who bid 30 would get the prize because they had the bid that was in the mddle, not the closest to the averge
  11. Yay, thanks for list! Also, do you maybe want to add Captain Dredd, as that technically was an event item?
  12. I don't have a defense council title, and I'm part of it. It's a mystery to me of how they did it.
  13. Where are all the bids? SHHHH. No one needs to know!
  14. banned because you're the 900th reply in this thread Banned because you're not. Also, this thread is like half Star and half AK? O.o That's just wrong.
  15. What was the winning bid? Just out of curiosity. 39 cubes
  16. DD has had one of the best community teams in gaming IMO. It helps that we aren't a giant community, but the overall interaction of them is awesome. Keep on keeping on!
  17. No way! Thanks Eagle <3 Buh, but, but... the ponies.. they need you man!
  18. You made Riz a happy man. And Sid a very sad man.
  19. I'm interested in le Vile Cuffs. Also, I'm so awesome, my forum title doesn't need to change!
  20. The tavern was definitely one of the places I spent the most time in in DD1. I would love to see a bigger, better, more customizable tavern in DD2. A great way I think Trendy could make money is by money is by selling tavern makeovers for 49, or 99 cents. This could be for full-blown do-overs like the Halloween or Anniversary taverns in DD1. Everyone could still get the special tavern, but in order to keep the same look after the event is over, you could have players pay a small fee (like mentioned above) to keep that tavern skin forever. You could also add smaller unlockables, possibly attac
  21. If I'm off by 1 cube again, I will cry :(
  22. SID, Y U DO DIS? Congrats Rizzo! Now go farm ponies, you're too good for chickens now.
  23. I am an Eagle, I like to do Fly By's. You better keep your eyes to the skies. If you fail to watch for me. I may come over and take a pee. I'm a Ghost, I make good toast. Don't let that toast start to roast. If the toast catches on fire. I'm gonna burn it higher. What am I doing with my life? This sounds cool, would like a story about me :D
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