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  1. Most: Squire and monk. Monk auras were awesome! Least: Apprentice. I think his towers looked coolest, but he was too squishy and his towers weren't amazing
  2. School got cancelled for the first time this year today :D
  3. Banned because I need the 1000s post. Banned because I said so
  4. Do I get a cube for posting my pic back in the original post your pic thread?
  5. Are elves impassive or unruly? D P T H E Do people there have ear-aches? G L G T O
  6. Hey Rangerz....... Your Jaded Defences Were Victorious! M M T M A Many Mothers Took My Animals! Y T G H R
  7. O.o Glad I never removed him from my list :D
  8. As someone who has read the books and knows which people should be dying this season, I predict this is the viewers favorite season so far.
  9. 3 the 40 cube dragon 4 Iyashii and GhostofLight :> I was a part of that? O.o Why do people never tell me when I do things! 13) Eagles :D 12) Auburn 16) Compooter Science 10) Dracon 6) D&D
  10. Why do you have so many posts now? You're going to pass me! O.o 11. Barehugs 10. SEAHORSEH!!! 12. Ohio State 14. A work place 18. Barehugs 8. Apprentice
  11. Banned for not even making any sense. Banned for not understanding.
  12. They scrapped everything from the MOBA beta of DD2. Now you have to get a new beta account, which are not currently available for everyone. However, you can win a new Playverse account from this thread http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?109856-Welcome-to-Siphon-Site-D
  13. SID: [4K-Ghost] OfLight Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WillTradeCookiesForCubes/
  14. O.o I didn't mean to take a break, I swear!
  15. Banned because nobody got time for dat. Eagle, I watched all the extended one before it came out too, but not straight. Then I read the Hobbit, the Silmarilion, and then I read the 3 main books. That was after the Hobbit came out though. So eat it. Banned for not knowing as much as Stephen Colbert
  16. So... Isom... back with Trendy... *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
  17. Banned for not remembering that Star and I went to see all three of them back to back last year before the Hobbit came out. They extended editions at that. After 13 hours straight of LOTR, I could use at least another 6 months before I see them again. Banned for not watching the behind the scenes. All 20+ hours of them
  18. Hacking is still a big problem. DD2 is no longer a MOBA, and some people (like me :D) have access to the alpha. There is some footage of it on Youtube (apparently that didn't break the NDA O.o). This article explain it best http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?104826-Dungeon-Defenders-II. DD still has had updates, not sure if Tinker's Lab was out when you left or not. Prices have inflated for some items, and decreased for other. A cube is now only 8~ coal, but a coal is now 12~bill. I believe Stieg is still works at Trendy (not sure about this), but people from the Trendy team
  19. I have never had turducken (Wow, autocorrect says it's actually a word) in all of my life. Is that weird?
  20. Banned because it's weird, so eat it, mon. Banned because you're wrong
  21. I've had like 12 people bid. I'm definitely way too high then :(
  22. I'm going to cry if I bid too high because not enough people bid :(
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