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  1. This looks like a round about way of increasing your post count See watchu did there! And I'm not as bad as I used to be, now I don't respond to every post
  2. Pssh that "circle" is obviously a hacker Circle to pointy. nerf pls
  3. I get it! But your argument is invalid! Pointy circle!
  4. Bacon is such an overpowering ingredient. If you put bacon on something, the only thing you'll taste or smell is bacon. I like it as a side dish (with scrambled eggs or French toast), but I don't like it mixed together with my main course. Don't get me wrong, though -- it's delicious. Bacon is amazing in a BLT if you load it with lettuce. Cannot beat that! However, if you don't have enough other things to cover the taste, it is overpowering as you said. I also prefer it on the side, but BLT's be yummeh!
  5. I think we'll have that covered. :^) Awesome! Looking forward for it!
  6. Am I the only one who is still scared to death by the scene with the shark at the beginning of Finding Nemo? And I personally think this will suck, it's like making Taken 2, except without Liam Neeson's awesomeness. Though Ellen is awesome, but there aren't enough explosions
  7. Idk about trendy but my GF joked me bad -_- Was she "pregnant"? Never trust anything people say on April first
  8. I think you could solve the disappointment by giving everybody a beta code. Hey, DOTA 2 did it, and that game's doing fine. Speaking of which, while I'm on the subject, does anyone want a DOTA 2 beta key? I have way too many, and I feel like having them reduces my net monetary value. Wait, DOTA is in beta? O.o
  9. Not many people use the Defender Store anymore, but it just takes all of the items from your inventory or shop and uploads them so people can search items they want, and then go to the shop it is in.
  10. look at meh sig..... and yes goin out with a bang ;) Yeah, but the rest of his quote said that he could not and will not give you a custom title. True love is never true :D
  11. Hello spambot, how are you today? Not spam. Obviously very thought through response.
  12. Yeah it is great all big youtubers that make DD videos got to beta test, can't wait till the full release. If he replies to one of your tweets thats not "connection". I was told April 20th. It was something much more intimate! We were going to be forever!
  13. I'm disappointed that we haven't showed the best stuff yet. You should solve that disappointment by showing us stuff now :D
  14. There will be some goodies for sale soon. Really hope there are posters! Getting a new room, and need stuffs to put on my wall
  15. FYI: originality and creativity >>> how it actually happened. Mine wasn't creative enough? :(
  16. No, I heard it would be out on February 30 of next year. I had a personal talk with Ice. We had a connection :D
  17. Like Knows, I am basically waiting for DD2. I gave up trying to compete with the hackers awhile ago. I have purged most of my excess wealth. I will probably purge the rest of it soon. I have absolutely no desire to play anymore. I enjoy running people through the events. Outside of that, I think I have only played one round in over a month now. I can't remember the last time I ran a survival. I know I haven't personally farmed armor since October of last year. Hey there Eagle... Can I be your friend? Totally not for the cubes.... :P
  18. Well ty for the response, any suggestions whats the best place to post the thread? or Off-Topic seems the besT? Off topic. Or Hot Topic
  19. I'm not so much a big trader, but I have lots of cubes :D I haven't played the game in forever, but my current goal is a complete Pollution set and one of every other event item (besides Toxic). I also want to hug everyone on the forums
  20. Stuff explodes, people fall in love, they make video game babies 5 years later, and then someone steals those babies and Liam Neeson comes in and tracks them down because it turns out Bioshock is actually a prequel to Taken. Yep, you heard it here first folks!
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