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  1. I think if you go to options, uncheck show enemy spawn notifications. Not sure
  2. Best birthday present ever! Hope you get it!
  3. Taking Geo right now, going into Algebra III for freshman year, assuming I pass O.o
  4. [QUOTE]Begging for Free Items While we greatly encourage playing as a community and helping one another out, making threads or posts asking for ‘freebies’ is not allowed.[/QUOTE] From teh rulez
  5. There are. Ult seahorses are also possible, but there has only been one ult and around 3 sups. Very rare. And TD or WW will have good genies as campaign rewards
  6. You were supposed to msg LauraWantsACow on twitch, if I'm not mistaken
  7. You need to make one. Nobody can defeat the power of Mischief YOLO Mode :D
  8. Daaamn ur way of speaking. R yew macon fun uv thuh whey eye speek?
  9. SID: [4K-Ghost] OfLight Linky link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WillTradeCookiesForCubes/ No partner :( Additional requests: I want to make friends :(
  10. Every week on Friday except when Hit is tired
  11. Original game, 15$ ev and summoner full price, 4$ Barb and Sky O'love free! (<3 you anonymous person who will remained unnamed so you don't get pestered with fri itens plox) Bunch of free dlc Eternia shards, 11$ Total price, 30$!
  12. quoteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Less QQ pls :D
  13. *smh* ghost what shall we do with you Hug me!
  14. I dont think you know what happened because i dont even know what happened lol But we got it all fixed up, nothing to worry about I fixed it for you. :D
  15. Not ice's fault. Something happened to my other account. Cannot fix it. So made a new one. This one has a (.) at the end.. I don't care about post count so it doesn't bother me :p Lol, I think I know what happened :D
  16. @ghost - Was that a shark? Anyways, that scene was really memorable for me just because, when this movie had first come out, Disney had never been that direct and dark before. It was a definite shocker. I skip that scene every time. Even at fourteen :D
  17. If you keep this up im gonna break your ice! Wait wut, 2 posts? WAT HAVE YOU DONE ICE!
  18. Ice will also sink Titanic 2 :D
  19. Mine obviously won, just hasn't been announced yet :D
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