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  1. I feel like Defense Councillors now have the least cool name tags. Mpds and Staff get glowing things, everyday members get calming sea blue, and Councillors get just plain old orange :/ Still like the change
  2. Sherlock, the first 5 seasons of Bones, Community (skip the 4th season), Psych, RWBY and Red vs. Blue aren't TV shows, but still are amazing.
  3. A recent scientific study has shown that %100 of all scientific discoveries have involved science. How do you feel about this controversial finding?
  4. They said they were aiming for a soft launch in Spring, which probably means an open or paid beta with un-limited spots. Right now I think they are working with a smaller crowd so they can focus more on the bugs before they start worrying about server issues and whatnot. This is all just speculation, I have no clue what I'm talking about.
  5. I'm playing the school game. It's where you go to school, stay after for track, get home, eat dinner, do homework for two hours, and then go to sleep. 2/10 would not recommend.
  6. I don't think I've ever lived in a place that had a population of under 5k. That was according to the 2000 census. I think we're actually around 8k now! :D
  7. We are home to one of only seven Pratt and Whitney manufacturing plants in the US. With a population of under 5k, I'd consider that just about the only interesting thing.
  8. Jester: Jennifer Lawrence, because any movie with Jennifer Lawrence is good. Squire: Matt Damon Huntress: That girl from Kick-*** Monk: Apprentice: Sir Ian McKellen (This is actually the apprentice's grandfather) Summoner: Morgan Freeman Series EV: Not sure about the blank ones yet, will sleep on it Barbarian: Arnold
  9. Good luck with your algebra! Hope you succeed!
  10. Lows Never Play Under Tempo M A R E My Aunt's Racoon Eloped Y N O P
  11. O.o My birthday is a week after yours. Happy birthday!
  12. Goodbye Eaglewithalotofnumbers. You will be sorely missed. Etheria remembers your generosity and good heart. You will be remember by all of us in our hearts.
  13. Really? Oranges seriously take Advil? L O Z S S *edit* 2800 posts, hahaha. <3 Lol. Orange zebras sound silly. I H R T Y
  14. I mostly remember building auras for everyone back when mine were some of the best in the game. Actually beating CD while building something instead of just standing there made me so proud :D
  15. My Father is So Annoying A S D F Are Sock Destroying Feet? O L F D R
  16. FEMAN: Fights Every Man After Nightman N Y T M N Now You Tell My Nephew Q W E R T
  17. by a long shot yea somewhere around 100 more than the previous highest that i know of And yet even with all these people, the event item will sell like there are only 50 of them :/
  18. My favorite early game memories come from Throne Room NM survival. It was the first map I could make it past wave 10 on NM survival. It was just so exciting to me, and made me feel like I could actually get somewhere in the game. Another one of my favorite memories was treasure hunt on NMHC. It was the last challenge I needed for my cube, and I could never beat it, or get good randoms to join. So I made a post on the forums requesting help with the map, and got at least 10 people volunteer to help me. The next day I hopped on DD and got in a game with some of those people. In the end we end
  19. The Legend of Selda event in the Throne Room. It was my first event, I had no clue what I was doing. There was a level requirement where your character could not be over level 14(Or somewhere close to that) and the game was on medium. It was the combination of sheer underpower-ment and only having played that map two times before(My best character couldn't have been over 60 at the time) that made it such a struggle. I remember thinking that I would sell the Minish Hat(I believe that was the item from the Throne Room) for cubes and then get procks for those, but ended up changing my mind once I
  20. Chaosparadox has awesome online stories. S N A F U Smelling Nutella and feeding unicorns. G H O S T
  21. SID: [4K-Ghost] OfLight Linky link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WillTradeCookiesForCubes/
  22. Sky of Love wasn't that bad for me, it just took forever. I wouldn't mind if Trendy put in another very difficult (perhaps not as long, SoL took me like an hour and a half) challenge level that people dread to try.
  23. I like this idea, but it may be hard to implement, as the steam accounts and Playverse accounts would be different between DD1 and 2. DD2 uses Playverse, while DD1 uses steam. This could make it hard to somehow match the accounts so it could track them.
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