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  1. My favorite game would be anything that is a FPS because I am a screaming 5 year old who is horrible at COD and I think it is amazing and education is only for stupid people. Fixed it for ya! Iamisom should change his name back to Hitmonchan because it is awesomer
  2. I love bacon! I just happen to love cookies more :P Bacon cookies? Are those a thing? They should be!
  3. This happens when selling from afk shop, methinks
  4. Fixed that for yah. I hope you drown in bacon :P Best death ever. You might finally appreciate it.
  5. :( incorrection made :) You must have been dropped on your head as a baby. Something is very wrong
  6. i like tsuda's original one There's a fly on your face :(
  7. cookies > bacon Who's in charge of hiring people at Trendy? They obviously made a mistake here. We all know if you don't like bacon the most, you obviously aren't right in the head.
  8. I have planted 100K lollipops to see if some random thing would happen :)....nothing happened....I do get 5candies/second though :) 39 per second!
  9. Go outside.....outside is good :) And I cant even tell what it is.... Lol, I've been outside all day. Got sunburned :( Just leave my laptop open with this running.
  10. Heer, I thought that was a turtle.... Now rocking 23mill lolli's and probs going to use x8 later tonight.
  11. 1 soul and a high five im at 2.8mill im gonna keep going until i can afk the dragon impossibru. I think.
  12. How much does that game cost? Free browser game. Just costs hours of your life :D
  13. you get an achievement for eating 2500 candies, try it! I've eaten 328k... Where does it show achievements?
  14. How in the hell do you expect anything but bacon to win?
  15. COD... gives no effort to storyline, focuses on crappy multiplayer... My fav is Portal/Halflife
  16. You needed a summoning scroll. And I'm now rocking 5mill lolli's and 700k candies with a converter and still have't used my x8 :D
  17. i had the same thing i just then ragequit the game It's working for me now. And Tito, you made my belated birthday :D And I'm using the life one. Which is useless. Because health potions easy to mass produce. It just lets me reputably AFK mr whale.
  18. lvl 3 flaming sword! and whats max Lp production is it 100/sec? 100, but if you beat mr cow, it triples to 300 lp/s. And it still won't load for me :(
  19. So I broke my save..... Or did the site just crash? I can't seem to load even without my pass. Help!
  20. Invulnerability -> Teleport -> Seed -> Cooldown on Invul will be up, rinse repeat. Yeah, looked it up on reddit after posting. And apparently I chose the worst sword :(
  21. Anyone have tips on how to beat the dragon? Invulnerability doesn't last long enough, and there is quite a long cooldown. And I picked the health sword, even though the internet said that one was the worst
  22. If DD3 comes out, we have at least 5 years. Gotta squeeze all you can out of them mirco transactions
  23. I played it 7 hours straight, amazing... Lol, not hard too do.
  24. Two thing: One, there has already been a thread like this, and two, we have little to no information. And you know you'll blow 500 hours on it.
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