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  1. You broke the game! I think to add a costume that would actually last more than 1 save, Trendy would actually have to implement it
  2. You can never do too much Aqua! Sky city is an excellent place for tons of trans, but it seems like you're past that point. KG is probably the best place for you to go, try using Draemn's build
  3. you are banned for banning my dad. Desktop attempt :) Viking's isnt interesting when you havent seen a single episode. I feel like everyone I know is watching that. You're banned for watching something from the History Channel
  4. You're banned for suggesting I hack his puter and post it..... He was here. You're banned for not shooting his computer and posting it on the internets
  5. -_________- this is what I mean. Is it? Looks like a happy whale to me!
  6. YAYAYYAYAYYAYA IT WORKS! [spoiler]But I hit the show spoiler button, so now I see it :([/spoiler]
  7. You failed Ice :( I see it :( Please try again on the next friday on the 67th month of the 21st century EDIT: If you go into the what's new section, you can't see the tags, but you can see what's in between them
  8. You're banned for trying to take your laptop to your Grandparent's ") You're banned for not checking his browsing history.... and then sharing it on the internet
  9. Umm.......what?? You just made a perfect example, and I'm demonstrating again!
  10. You are banned for saying... Are you sure you got a 20 on english on the ACT. You're banned for making up facts. I haven't done an ACT yet.
  11. I'm a rich person who drinks sodas instead of feeding them to the poor. I let starving children in Africa die. Wow, bit harsh on yourself!
  12. You are banned for having exactly 1002 posts less than me at the time of this post You're banned for doing math
  13. Post Farmers.... They can never know!
  14. This is a little game I discovered on another forum. Basically, you come up with a reason why the person above you should be banned. Example Person 1: Swag swag swag swag Person 2: You're banned for saying swag too much Person 3: You're banned for banning people If you don't get this, then :(
  15. Best way to get a code is to spam TFF chat with "fri cod plis Hit"
  16. I'd rather have more abilities per char, maybe 2 unique abilities, and 1 ability that is used among a certain type of chars. However, with 20+ chars, I'd say 5 is fine.
  17. And filled out. Of the Towers listed, the only one I didn't select is 'Ethereal Spike' (just never seemed that interesting). Feature most want to see in DD?; 'retroactive adjustment of loot when new content is added'. Spike traps were one of the only ones I checked. I did the coolest towers. And spikes are the best wyvern defense on aqua. Gas, spike, and inferno eats wyverns for breakfast, lunch, second breakfast, and dinner
  18. hah! they said it couldn't be done but after eating exactly 13984123 candies i can afk the dragon and still have 34 health to spare oooooh yeaaaaa! Meh
  19. This phenomenon can only occur during a blue moon on the 39th of Marchuary at 24:01. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you magic
  20. me and my potato shells... Dern potaatos taking over the wrold
  21. Make this an option? Replying with a quote could send a message to the quoted persons inbox saying something along the lines of, " [insert username here] has quoted you." You can, of course, click a box that enables/disables this feature. I just would find it to be useful, because lets face it, if you quote someone to ask them/reply to them, what are the odds of them coming back to the thread and viewing your reply/question? Reply to me pls.
  22. Wow your hair is parted slightly to the center. Learn to speak my friend
  23. why is this sooooooooo lame? Need to get some [[3960,hashtags]] all up in here no yolofor you
  24. That would be boss even more that thebossawsome. than*
  25. I wouldn't worry. I signed up in like the first 3 hours of beta sign ups being released and still haven't gotten an email. It likes to take its sweet, sweet time
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