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  1. You're banned cause I have more swag then you. You're banned for spreading lies
  2. You're banned for needing to update your [[897,hashtags]]"Thumbs Ups." You're banned for having more profile page visits than me :D
  3. A haiku for my bestest buddy Ghost Of Light Refrigerator ;) Very nice haiku Immortal is the bestest Mod to walk this earth
  4. Sony and Microsoft charge for every patch, and they can only be so big. Most of Trendy's attention is turned to DD2 ATM, and getting the new chars and maps for console would be way too much of a hassle, and it's not guaranteed they would turn a reasonable enough profit
  5. GhostOfLight is good But ponies are auto-fail better luck next time Immortal is mod He cannot get a pony My pony has swag
  6. You're banned for wanting more DD2 beta codes. You're banned for not giving me more beta codes :D
  7. Banned for continuing this thread. Banned for hating on my thread. The ban thread on the forums that I saw had more than 1k replies. But then again, there were more than 2 people replying... Star and ak *cough*
  8. A code I shall have Take it from me if you dare I come with vengeance I see a pony It has a majestic mane Swag 'dat mane all up
  9. Banned cause you don't know that it was an awsome post. Banned for not being banned from forums
  10. You're banned for having a rainbow frog. You're banned for not having one!
  11. Banned for having a frog in your sig. Banned for not realizing it's a rainbow frog
  12. Banned for hating on console. Banned for hating on me
  13. Banned for being on ps3. Banned for being on console
  14. Your banned for not joining in December. I have been around since 2 weeks after release on xbox just din't join the forums till December and I quit a while so thats why stats are crap Banned for saying forums have stats
  15. your banned for trying to collect cubes You're banned for not giving him cubes
  16. I ban myself for abusing my power in the first place. Whatcha gonna do about it now? Gimme dat ban power pls :D Banned for not giving me that ban power :(
  17. banned for mentioning halo Banned for banning Star. I wanted to ban him :( How do you not like Halo?
  18. Oh wow, my lags will make me lose :( Or maybe not!
  19. Banned for having 444 posts and being a Doctor Banned for not being a doctor. And doctor shouldn't be capitalized.
  20. I thought you could only get a code if you were over 18 Ghost? You can receive one if you're under 18, but can't use it. I spend 30 minutes starting at my computer screen before deciding to do the legal thing and give it to my cousin. But I see him almost every weekend, so that's a plus :D
  21. You're banned for trying to run my life. You're banned for trying to ruin my life
  22. I wouldn't expect the characters to be more than 4$ a piece, and I don't see Trendy adding more than 40. Also, I would guess that after about 3-4 hours of playing, you would be able to afford to unlock another character. So it would be 150~ hours of playing the game (about two weeks for hardcore ppl :D), or 150$~ BTW, this is all me guessing :D Of course, if you buy all the cosmetics and bonus stuff, you could easily spend 500$+ on the game. And there are some people that will do that
  23. You are banned for banning me,who banned you, when you banned ghost, who banned me, who banned ghost, who banned my dad, who banned ghost, who banned my dad, who banned me, where I banned Fictorious, who banned me, where I banned Walsh, who banned me, where I banned ghost, who banned me, where I banned ghost, who banned me, where I banned Walsh, who banned me, where I banned Walsh, who banned me, Where I banned ghost. We need to go deeper!!! You are banned for not knowing that, that is how I am. You're banned for not telling him
  24. Cheer up! Beta codes are only for beta. Sure, you get to experience it first, but my advice would be go play the heck out of every single other MOBA. That way when you play DD2 you can have a brand new experience, that will be better (obviously). Also, you most likely will get a beta key in the next month. Hopefully. If not, don't worry too much. I never really expected to get one even though I was one of the first to sign up, but lo and behold, I did. Think of it like living alone with nobody, but then getting a surprise birthday party from your buddies from college. Don't expect the un-expe
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