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  1. Happy anniversary! :) I feel like I'm married!
  2. Also, somehow I joined forums the day before getting the game, but that was for the weekly digest on Wednesdays. Remember those? We would always heckle Hit in the shoutbox about how it was past our bedtime and the digest wasn't up. Ahh, memories *tear* I'm so old
  3. You're such a great speaker. I'll put that on my resume! *Is good at internet speak*
  4. Another thread I will steal from a different forum! The rules are that you have to post a word that somehow relates to the word above you. For instance, if I say Potato, you can say Ireland, and then someone can say green, and so on. I'll start ARMADILLO
  5. Today is my 1 year anniversary of played DD!!! I actually bought it a year and a day ago, but my internet took like 4 years to download it. Everyone shower me in hugs now!!!
  6. I think my one year anniversary is in one month...
  7. GUYS!!! On one of my monthly ventures back onto the forums, I noticed something that many of you may not have. And it's important. Really important. To me. And my people. As many of you probably don't know, Tsuda was a respected member of the community that was valued highly. I think. Never knew him. But everyone liked him. 99% sure. He was a crucial part of the DD1 on mobile along with people like Classic and Junbao. And just about everyone in the Wu-Tang clan. But anyways, as I was saying, he played a big part in the up-and-coming of DD. In fact, he had the most posts on the forums with more
  8. You're banned for wanting it to die. You're banned for mis-interpreting my words
  9. Why would I. O.o For once I feel like an old person on the internet...
  10. Oh, know im just going into 6th. ......I really hopes you lie And I still have 2 weeks of school. But school is fun. The social part. It's like the internet. Except with less inappropriate humor and you actually know what people look like.
  11. *Come back a month later* WAT HAVE I DONE!!! You're banned for keeping this thread going AK
  12. Thats fun, but not as fun as airsoft. And Ghost i've never played paintball I just heard it hurts. You're more likely to get a bruise from airsoft than a paintball. Paintball just hurts more n the moment, and you feel oily (hur hur hur)
  13. Send 300000 USD to a Nigerian Prince to help him get out of captivity. 500% return guaranteed.
  14. Umm No bacon at all is better than all of your choices :) See a doctor.
  15. Paintball is definitely better. And since when did getting shot with a paintball hurt this much? I've worn shorts and gotten shot in the leg, hurts for about a minute tops. And you get colors, they sound cooler, and it's more funner-er
  16. Banned for not knowing I plan to keep this one forever. Banned for planning to keep a bad avatar
  17. Imgur, eat, run, workout, forums, imgur, eat. Day finished. Repeat
  18. Your Banned, for calling the proud owner of a crispy baconator, One without bacon I ban you for making a line of death, and am not affected becausse I'm OP
  19. Bacon pancake. Actually had one of those before
  20. Your banned for not realizing my avatar fits my name perfectly....since well....its me :) You're banned for being to young to have played Starfox on the n64
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