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  1. Throne room nm survival is what I did with those stats to about wave 20. Got to about 1.5k stats after 1-2 weeks of farming there
  2. The get all did only goes back to when the that pack was released, and then they slowly add the new docs like a month after they come out. Also, you could have gone to the DD steam store page and gotten from the dlc menu there
  3. I need some more music to listen to, as I've listened to most of my current music so much I've memorized most of the lyrics to all of the songs. Also, I only listen to albums. Singles are just too much work to get.
  4. Will the rewards section of the forums ever get anything? It makes me sad when it just redirects me to the home page. I is sad panda
  5. Bumpy bump. Sky, how did you get so many cards?
  6. lmao! Banned for losing a sensitive part part
  7. Im up all night for good fun We're up all night to the sun
  8. Maybe there was *dramatic pause* a hole in your pocket
  9. I was talking about how school starts in like three weeks...you dont see me saying IM done because my High School classes start and the next week my College ones do when Ill probably have college homework before then do you?? I don't start until after Labor Day :D
  10. When I say the title of this thread, I thout it was going to be like LNI. Fortunately, it wasn't
  11. I think Ghost is 16. I'm 43. Now get in the van O.o
  12. I usually start at 11am est, but ill only update here if it is Dungeon Defenders, I play other games as well believe it or not xD You expect us to wake up that early?
  13. Banned for being in highschool, and leaving me stuck all alone just going into middle school. *sniffle sniffle* Banned for being 12
  14. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the point of having trading cards? You trade them for things.. like cards... or game equipment. I don't think I see any problem with this, as cards can be reacquired through various means, and no -real- currency has been traded. So no harm done. I don't have a problem with it, in fact I would encourage it, but trendy says no trading for anything besides other in game items, and ou can sell trading cards for real currency
  15. Astro...you cant be leaving man, with events coming back and all that....you dont see me saying IM leaving because of me taking college courses during highschool and having to balance that do you?? Plus we always need more foxes here of any type. All foxes shall band together with Fox McCloud being the leader of us all. You're in high school? But it's summer O.o
  16. That post makes no sense at all to me And I see Boss is being the boss at showing off as always. (Meant to be funny not offensive in any type of way or form.) It's not supposed to. It involves a conversation I had on Skype with dama and boss
  17. I have a good gaming friend who has a couple portal cards..Ill ask him for ya. You have 61 thumbs. See a doctor
  18. A long time. The Moba was supposed to be released early summer, but then Isom left and Kotaku published that article, and everyone panicked, Laura huddled in a corner and stayed on the forums doing her job, and everyone else worked on DD2,but stuff was exploding, so they all threw their computers out the windows and ate bananas. This set them back about three months. I'm really bored
  19. Bump. I have all 7 of my card drops in Awesomenauts now. Gimme dem portal ones pls!
  20. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JHfYRLoVQIc&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DJHfYRLoVQIc
  21. I played back when you did Endless Spires for good gear. I had maybe 400 stats and kept repeating the first wave for gear. Eventually I could do 2 waves. I progressed to 2k stats and being able to do nmhc survival throne room up to wave 27 solo just selling my cube for 3 procks. It just takes patience. Lots of it Also, not sure if I'm just interpreting it wrong, but did you sell steam cards for myth gear? I'm pretty sure that's against the ToS
  22. My best time on insane is 1:39 left. You guys are either crazy good, or you just don't play it safe like me. However, I tried nightmare and got murdered at the first crystal
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