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  1. I don't know how to feel about this all. Tsuda, Junbao, Hitmonchan, Ice, Laura, Immortal, Classic. And now me! Right? Right!? No? It's like collecting trading cards again! I have the same ones as you except for Tsuda! Also, is Ult defender at 5k, 7.5k, or just for Classic?
  2. skillet skillet makes my top 5, but daft punk is my favorite
  3. I got crushed on nm (probs because I didn't do the EV thing), but insane was yielded me many sup acc, a trans armor and many ult pets. I've only done about 20 runs as well
  4. DD 620 hours Batman arkham city 40 hours Portal 2 35 hours Realm of the mad god 130 hours Spiral knights 78 hours Batman arkham asylum 25 hours awesomenauts 20 hours
  5. The initial hype for DD2 is gone, so everyone has gone back to DD. the trading section gets a post at least every 20 minutes
  6. The overlapped mana tokens come from your AFK shop. They normally go to 1 bill instead of 9999999999 like when you make them by your self, but sometimes they overcap, but it is never more than 20-39 over
  7. i know its sad but i still need mana or need help to get mana i dont know how to get a lot and all the stuff i see you need to be level 80 or so The suggested level thing is complete bogus. Tuts me, it's stats that matter not level
  8. First of all, no need for all the rage. Second, mobs have gotten stuck on all maps before. However, they are more prone to on this one because they have a chase mechanic, and not a set path. I do like your idea about showing them on the map though
  9. 2.8k+ hours; got the game in May of '12, I think? Used to play KG survival 3x a day. Do I at least get the title as undisputed female time holder? Not that it's really anything to be proud of. *le shame face* And Namwich is the King of the Grind, IMHO. I think he's the one player I know of who has little-to-no AFK hours in DD, all active game play. I think Bamboo has more than you
  10. You can lock your floor so people can't drop. However, my guess is that you forgot to lock your tavern and someone stole your stuff, as I'm pretty sure you can't have items despawn in your tavern
  11. I'll just throw out everything I'm listening to right now. (These are all album, I have trouble making playlists, so I just listen to entire albums :D) Skillet-Rise Imagine Dragons-Night Visions Daft Punk-Alive 2007 and Rrandom Access Memories Snow Patrol-Up to Now Macklemore-The Heist DC Talk-Greatest Hits Capital Kings-Capital Kings Toby Mac-Eye on It Taylor Swift-Red (DON'T JUDGE ME!!!)
  12. McDreamy and McSteamy Dis isn't Greys silly
  13. You dont even have to spend 10 dollars....I use it for free you simply have ads and cant download the songs... Or you can use the power of the Internet and listen to things for free with no ads
  14. The defender store hasn't been updated in a very long time and it is unlikely it ever will be. Not many people use it anymore, and its easier just to sell in the trading forum
  15. Fallout, Halo, and Bioshock are my top 3 with Dungeon Defenders a close third. Your math is flawed
  16. thats what i said, why you be editing my quotes gamer? Last edited by heer29; Today at 12:31 AM.....
  17. I just like getting high scores. I'm like top 200 now. So pro!
  18. Care to share the amount of distributed Pollution guards? I'd love to know. Also; Earth - Fire - Poison - Lightning - Love Even though I had 2 Earths c; Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would like direct your attention to the post that is five previous to yours, you shall get your answer
  19. Things I would try. Different browser Change IP (if it gets frustrating enough) Also, if an error message comes up, a screenshot of it would be nice.
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