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  1. The dragon of derpness (boss rush nightmare)
  2. 1. Isom 2. Tower set 1 3. Tower set 2 4. Staff 1 Awesome giveaway. Only problem is I'll have to grind my app to use the sup staff. Tyvm and congrats to all winners whomever they may be.
  3. Even if I got one twice as good I wouldn't like the stats. I'm assuming that the difference between hard and insane rewards are significantly different while insane and nightmare are not vastly different. My reasoning for this is that from boss rewards hard and insane are different while insane and nightmare are the same. Could do hard and waste time to get a pretty bad pet or I could do insane and get an almost nightmare quality pet.
  4. Thanks, looks like that's not the best. I guess I just will have to try insane. Thanks for the info.
  5. I am looking to get a monkey or seahorse and am wondering if the stats between insane survival and hard and substantially different. I know you can get a seahorse with more than 1000 Base Dmg and 200+ in stats from insane. I am asking this because I only have a jester and app with entry level mythsand am not confident with insane and am wondering if hard is worth it. A simpler question would be if the eta you get from hard survival on karathiki and aqua are myths like from insane. Thanks to everyone that replies:)
  6. If I win I'm going to have to power level a lot considering my jester is only level 74 and I'm assuming that is at least supreme. Anyway good luck too all.
  7. Could you have been boosted by a prop cat while testing the pawn shot???
  8. I have a mac too and the beginning loading screens freeze and take 2-3 minutes to load. And it's not that my computer can't handle it. I've played with fire all over my screen on high graphics and never had a lag spike. Fix this trendy!!!
  9. If it was going to be free forever why make it a Dlc???
  10. I have only been playing dd for about three months and haven't seen free Dlc being realeased. Now that the jester was anounced to be free, I was wondering how long dd Dlc that is released free, stays free? Tyvm
  11. I have a mac (yes i know im a mac noob) and can't figure out how to install user made maps. The way on mac's is different then pc i know that. Thanks
  12. I recently purchased Dungeon Defenders and noticed there is a ton of DLC. I would like to get some. The only one I am reluctant to get is the Eternia shards b/c of the price. I would like ones that add some maps and possibly characters. I'd prefer not to go over 7$ in total purchases. Thanks :)
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