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  1. and for my 1103rd post I will confirm....... Bacon is good I'm sorry sir, your post is incorrect. Bacon is AMAZING!!!
  2. Trsuda's post count was wrong wasn't it so banned for not knowing. Banned for disagreeing with your elders
  3. You should be ecstatic bud, it will keep me from overtaking your post count. I would have months ago if I hadn't semi-retired. But if you had overtaken it, you would have forced me out of retirement!
  4. Sad to see you go :( Wish you didn't uninstall it, that never made sense to me why people do it.
  5. It's like revealing who Luke Skywalker's dad is to someone about to watch the movie. It's Dumbledore
  6. There was a reddit for DD. However, not many people used it consistently. http://www.reddit.com/r/dungeondefenders
  7. Two event pets. Oh, I was really exited for him to mail me a brownie :(
  8. Woah a Ghost type Pokemon, haven't seen this one in a while! I am a pokemon? O.o
  9. I think you mispelled beastly101. :P Oh and I remembered to not remember to double check my post. Misspelled misspelled. Oh gosh now I have to make a mistake!
  10. If only more people showed their faces to the community. :) There was a picture thread... very tempted to bump that back up now
  11. I got this, I'm 11. Eat it man! I thought you were 13? Oh gosh, maybe you're Benjamin Button!!!
  12. http://games.yahoo.com/blogs/unplugged/quietest-place-earth-mutes-sounds-messes-head-212556719.html
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