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  1. Any update on the Mac and Linux versions of DD2? Or is that something we should expect in the full release which is in like 20 years.
  2. Banned because why is this still alive.
  3. How's the progress on the Mac version coming?
  4. Man, let's hope this doesn't go the way of the chatbox.
  5. Yeah, used to very involved in the original forums, and my activity has died off every forum change since then.
  6. Will the Steam early access that is opening this week have an available Mac version?
  7. Congrats on getting married! I'm still disappointed at the lack of wedding invitation for me, but no hard feelings!
  8. But Josh, I thought you were promised to me! :( [[4806,hashtags]]
  9. Definitely playing with people in the community. It was just awesome to see how nice and funny our community is. Also, Aquanos survival. It will forever be the only map I have a memorized build for :) Shoutout to Rizz for showing me it. Also, having one of the best sets i the game for a while was fun. I wish I hadn't sold it. The game is a lot more fun without the constant replacing and selling of items. Almost forgot! Both have to do with the forums. Being the first non-mod person to post on the forums was pretty cool, and also kind of strange. And when the defense council was first laun
  10. I bought Civ 5 and I've played it for half an hour and have no idea what I'm doing O.o
  11. 1) Brazil, assuming they don't play like yesterday 2) Germany 3) Don't want to get murdered by protesters/am poor 4) Argentina (One can hope!) vs Brazil
  12. Does this mean I can issue Infractions & Bans for irresponsible glowing, or otherwise abuse of said glow? I'm watching you GhostOfLight :demon: Don't make me assume my ultimate form!!!
  13. Councillors have been granted Glow Access. Glow responsibly. O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O.o.O :D Yay! I will glow EVERYWHERE!!!!! (Loses sight over the next year due to over glowification)
  14. Banned for using caps lock in your banning. Banned for not being Hitmonchan
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