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  1. more bad players that are whining. jeez "nerf everything" babyrage "i am so bad, but i blame the game" babyrage.
  2. its so sad when u even say the bad players what to do and still they complain about bugs and bad game mechanics. Even in a game with no deeper game mechanics like dd2 people still cant figure out anything on their own. Makes you really think.
  3. just did c6 with nimbus and they scale super bad. so clear case of git gud
  4. no that wont work because people get c7 equip too fast and obviously trendy wants people to spend medals for upgrading gear. If u dont have to spend medals there u spend them on new heroes and not with crystals. Ofc there is random values. The amount of legendary drops is insane right now and a lot of people would be fully legendary equipped by now if it would always drop max stats. If Trendy uses your suggestions lets imagine this: A new player starts playing. He joins C7 with a good builder and they win like 7-10 matches. He probably would have full equipped builders by then with max stats relics. After that he has fun with a few games and loses interesst because he has 0 progression. Trendy wont make money there. I never had problems with item progression and it was pretty fast all the time. All you need is a good relic. Just equipp newest items on armor slots. It doesnt matter u wont dps with your builder and use good armor on your dps.
  5. teach me senpai. let me be your student until i turn to the dark side and betray you
  6. it worked for like 2 hours and now i get the error again. at options it says US West or nearest. so i guess it wants me to connect to the nearest which is EU for me and that causes the error
  7. those stop working after a while as well. or a infinate loading screen appears. Well no dd2 this weekend i guess
  8. Is there a spawnplace for that kind of people that blame bugs and not their bad building? Also pretty funny how they always forsee the future of dd2 based on that specific "bug" they encounter. Happens since 2 years. :D Thanks for that PS.: git gud
  9. everythings so easy for you. did you ask trendy to hire you? Man you could fix that all, maybe volunteer or something with your programming skills. You have still 5 days for splitscreen and offline mode. 4head
  10. Why shouldnt it work, when u have highest ipwr? The game should be easy then. Also who says that u have to clear the whole game with 1-2 towers? I dont know why there are more and more people like sombrero and ram are coming out and think they know in which direction the game should go, purely based on their experience, but judging people when they talk about their experience. i really hope trendy will continue not responding to them and do their own thing. Because thats such a inmature and toxic behavior and will make the game boring and bad.
  11. you guys cant be serious. how bad are you all? "weehee i lost a map. please make the game easier." here. "weehee there is a game mechanic that needs tactic and skill. please make it easier" there. what a kindergarden that game becomes is sad. if the game hast to fit this community its 100% clearrate on any map with max legendary drop rate with any tower and it doenst matter what you do. maybe then u feel competent
  12. I use 4 flames auras, proton beam and 1-2 pdts per lane. All but orc ladies and bosses die pretty fast. After some upgrades even ogers melt very fast. I use Medallions on aura and pdt and Orb on proton but just epic ones with 45 ups. Didnt find better yet. So not over geared. Placement matters a lot tho. Most defenses cover multiple lanes + airs. I even saw that build in a 4 player c7 map. Works like a charm. Nimbus Reach is tricky tho and inconsistant. But just because i didnt find a good placement for pdt on the right double lane yet.
  13. not using any walls and it works. With smart placement your towers dont die that way. So your point is pretty invalid.
  14. its so sad that people cant handle assassins. u dont even need towers to counter them. and telling that 30% people left since the big update and its a point that tells u the game is dying is either a troll comment or very little knowing about economics and logic. But considering the player base and posts in this forum its more like the 2nd one.
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